ACL for the response traffic to s5700si

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s5700si set on two Vlan (VLAN1, VLAN2). It is necessary to prohibit traffic from VLAN1 to VLAN2 but allow return traffic. (eg Ping of VLAN1 to VLAN2 should not take place but the ping of VLAN2 VLAN1 to work in)
Is there such a possibility by means of the switch?

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You can apply traffic-policy(with deny action) under VLAN1 inbound.

Do nothing under VLAN1 outbound.

If you want to make ping unidirectional, you must match traffic-policy with specific Dmac and Smac.

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Quote 2 #

If you want to make ping unidirectional, you must match traffic-policy with specific Dmac and Smac.

l00192083 Post On 2015-05-25 06:41

Thanks for the answer.
I understand you correctly?:
1. VLAN 1 (inbound) prohibits all traffic towards VLAN 2
2. allow responses to ping (echo replay) by source MAC (VLAN1) to the destination MAC (VLAN2)
It is likely to work, but the ping command I gave as an example. I also need to provide, in essence, of the full access of VLAN2 to VLAN1 (shared folders, Web-based programs, ping, and much more)
Can S5700 do that, or it possible only by using a router?

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Hi Gurlov,

Although it may be possible to achieve this, it would be very complex and would require you to create a complex acl (advanced) detailing exactly what traffic is allowed and using TCP flags to ensure it could only be initiated in one direction. For UDP traffic this would almost certainly not be possible.

Essentially with a firewall type feature this would be much easier but this is not possible with switches only with routers.

Regards Nigel


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