A single VRM node is faulty

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Keywords】:Fault recovery, Portal login failed

Version: FusionCompute R6 Version

Issue DescriptionIn VRM active/standby deployment scenario, after faulty recovery, manually perform active/standby switchover, and the source faulty node becomes the active node the portal cannot log in

Handling Process

1. Before the active/standby switchover, found the active/standby relationship was normal. After the active/standby switchover, found the active/standby relationship was normal, too.


2. After the active/standby switchover, the portal could logg in. Check the vrmd service. It was found that the vrmd service was abnormal and could not be started.


3. Run the psql –U galax vrm command to log in to the database, enter the database password, and found that the account was locked. As a result, the vrm service could not be started and the portal could not log in.


Root Cause

1. For security reasons at this site, the database password has been changed before, and the password of it is not the default password.

2. Reinstall when the VRM is faulty, in that case, the database is newly installed and password is the default password.

3. After the VRM fault is rectified and the active and standby VRM nodes are configured, the active/standby synchronization mechanism will synchronize the ciphertext passwords stored in the password configuration file of the active node to the standby node.

4.  If the switchover occurs, the standby node will be switched to the active one, use the changed password synchronized from the configuration file to access the database. Because the database password of the node is not changed, the database cannot be accessed. After trying this multiple times, the database account is locked.


Change the password of the Gauss database on the VRM node to the same as that on the active and standby nodes based on the product documentation. After the change, the active/standby switchover is successful and the portal access is normal.

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