What cause Memory injure?

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·        control surges can injuremost computer components, including RAM. You ought to plug your computer andother classy electronics into a surge guardian. Make positive you know thedifference between a surge protector and a power strip.

·        previous to you handleany parts in your computer, build sure you ground yourself by touching a pieceof grounded metal to discharge static electricity. Electrostatic release candamage your computer.

·        extreme heat can causeRAM and other parts to wear out over time. entity components can overheat, orheat from one component can cause damage to adjacent parts.Acer Support Uk

·        If you haveoverclocked some part of your computer wrongly, it may cause damage in the formof excess heat.

·        Your recall module mayhave some fault that passed through quality control and worsened over time.This is the the majority likely cause behind a damaged RAM.

It is also probable that the memory module isfine, but one or more memory slots on your motherboard are defective, hinderingthe RAM's performance. The fault may even be so bad that it damages the memorystick.
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Good sharing!
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