UltraVR and needed Storage capacity for a test

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I am doing a planned migration of 400+ VMs devided into 3 protected groups:

ProtectedGroup1 110+ VMS

ProtectedGroup2 120+ VMS

ProtectedGroup3 200+ VMS

Before doing so, there's a mandatory test that needs to be done on each ProtectedGroup on UltraVR.

During this test, snapshots are created on the DR storage which has a nearly full capacity (4 TB left on the storage pool 1 and 5 TB on storage pool 2). 

We have in total 5 LUNs of 12 Terabytes and 4 LUN's of 11 Terabytes.

The main concern is regarding the storage capacity on the DR site - will it be enough for the UltraVR Test on each Datastore group?

More info: 

FusionCompute V100R006C10SPC101

FusionAccess V100R006C10SPC100.

UltraVR V100R003C10SPC700


The test that will be done is recopying all the 400+ VMs to the DR site from UltraVR console.

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ganmianpi  Enthusiast Technician   Created Apr 18, 2019 21:16:54 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Hello. The LUN size on the source host must be the same as that on the target host. Perform operations based on the UItraVR migration specifications.
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Root.  Visitor   Created Apr 18, 2019 22:14:19 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

The generated snapshot data is not a complete physical data copy and does not occupy a large amount of storage space. Therefore, even if the amount of source data is large, only a small amount of storage space is occupied. i think it is enough , but it better to create a service request for TAC , ask them for help .
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