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Winners for HCNA-Access V2.0 Online courses:

1. smart.amiable

2. Cig (The voucher number has been sent to email box.)

3. GYS (The voucher number has been sent to email box.)

4. User_2755255(The voucher number has been sent to email box.)

5. NocolaZambelli (The voucher number has been sent to email box.)

6. j00297717 (The voucher number has been sent to email box.)


Winners for HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online courses:

1. user_3116837

2. pierre21

3. Waqaslqbal

4. Fatin

5. Qris

6. James.M (The voucher number has been sent to email box.)

7. Faward (The voucher number has been sent to email box.)

8. Khansen (The voucher number has been sent to email box.)


Dear winners, Please leave your valid email address message to suyifly by a private message(Forum administrator) and we will send you voucher number as soon as possible. Thanks for your participation. ^_^


Method: Please click my profile photo to access my user center, and send a message.



Course Section Online Course Link Meeting ID
Section 1: HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online Course 814502851
Section 2: HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online Course 730594197
Section 3: HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online Course 171396527
Section 4: HCNA-Transmission V2.0 Online Course 370684279
Section 1: HCNA-Access V2.0 Online Course 498951429
Section 2: HCNA-Access V2.0 Online Course 875500817
Section 3: HCNA-Access V2.0 Online Course 117800750

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marcioty Created Jul 27, 2018 06:53:06
[HCNA-Access] This is a short training, with the fundamentals of access technologies, with few but relevant slides, very well presented.  
Becky_2019  Moderator   Created Jul 17, 2018 19:10:34 Helpful(2) Helpful(2)

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Welcome to the Huawei Certification online courses. Participants who reply with their learning experience in the notice post after the training will have the opportunity to get a HCNA-Transmission or HCNA-Access Exam Voucher for free.

Message Format:


…..<learning experience in the Transmission open course>……



…..<learning experience in the Access open course>……


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user_3116837     Created Jul 19, 2018 23:38:04 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

I am a network engineer who who work as a head of network department at ministry of education at jordan I have CCNA and aknowledmwnt at MPLS twchnology , Network + , MCSA
I am planing to develop my aknowlegment toward huawie industry and equipments .
I am in response to buy switches and routers on my work .I like to advance my imployees to adapt huawie technology
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user_3116895     Created Jul 20, 2018 02:59:31 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

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timeforplanb     Created Jul 20, 2018 06:02:59 Helpful(1) Helpful(1)

My name is Pavel and i'm planning lead engineer in Huawei. "Console", "config" - are great words, but the network begins with planning and network design.
In the main, I plan transport networks, I work with network design and monitor of the operator's network. Our main vendor is Huawei. Excellent equipment, excellent CLI, I'm happy :). And the cherry on this cake is the documentation. Everything is cool and logical here. I would like to give recommendations: - online documentation, download hedexlite, don't be lazy :) - good announcements about equipments - very cool online tools - images for ms visio
And it's not all! Thank you!

I got a lot of practical expirience on my work and I thought about Huawei Certification.
While I have HCNA certificate. This is H12-211.
I would like to share the experience of preparation. Everything is on the - books with theory and practice. You need to use eNSP for labs - eNSP :) - cool webinars in Russian!toSimExamDetail?nodeId=Node1000004174 - mock exam 1!loadTrainProjectInfo?lang=en&pbiPath=term1000025144&courseId=Node1000010950&navId=MW000003 - mock exam 2

What did I do?
I made a preparation plan with dates and topics from the books. I tried to learn according to plan.
For each topic, I wrote a note on It helped to memorize, and then I used this notes for repeat.
Yet I used Anki to memorize and repeat. My friend prepared cards for Anki (for HCNA).
After studying a group of topics, I wrote a short essay for memorization. It also helped to find emptiness in my knowledge.
BTW I also did labs from lab-books. It's not redundant, I'm shure :)
After such training I had no problems with passing the exam :)
It's my expirience!

Have a nice day!
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Taybi     Created Jul 20, 2018 14:37:10 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Hy,Here is Engr.Muhammad Tayyab Hashmi(Huawei Authorized Trainer at HUAWEI-KICS UET Lahore.
I am very much curious to attend these HCNA-Transmission and HCNA-Access Network training for my knowledge refreshing.

Thanks in Advance
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pierre21     Created Jul 20, 2018 21:20:06 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Hello ! i am network engineer and HCNA r&s Certified as well as JNCIA-Junos certified . i am working to advance my knowledge in huawei  technology  specially in transmission where we are preparing to do physical lab of huawei equipments.
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user_3118129     Created Jul 21, 2018 23:21:07 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

I am HCNP (fast track) certified and also want
Voucher of this certificate thanks
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shanii Created Jul 23, 2018 14:42:12
Hello, My name is Usman Zulfqar and i had been working on huawei equipment in Telecom industry. Now i am highly interested HCNA Access and waiting for the day. Thank you for organizing this kind of online training  
uebi     Created Jul 22, 2018 17:12:26 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Hi all!

Thanks a lot for putting this together!

Regarding your remark at the end of the initial post: This means that also the recordings of the real time presentations will be available for download and/or streaming sometime in August?

Thanks again and greetings from Austria,
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Khansen     Created Jul 23, 2018 05:29:37 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

This post was last edited by Khansen at 2018-7-22 23:34. Awesome! I am bit of a geek ;) I worked with Altibox and Huawei during The Gathering 2012 in Norway when I only did customer service. (me sitting to the left). Still in the same company, I now work as a technical consultant. 8 hours a day I watch over our metro (fiberoptics) with a couple of my colleagues. ONE thing that I really would love to learn is more optical, WDM etc. :D I will definitely attend the transmission webinar/course! :)
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