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N8500 products are being deployed in 43 branches of Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), and the live networks of these branches also need to be inspected and diagnosed. In order to complete these tasks timely and correctly, we have arranged two methods to improve the N8500 delivery capability and infrastructure maintenance capability: One is to provide a standard delivery LLD tool, and the other is to deliver a series of N8000 capability training.

Go to  "N8000 Capability Training: ABC Project Delivery" and "N8000 Capability Training: Chengdu" to obtain training materials and interact with experts.

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Method 1: N8500 delivery LLD tool for ABC ? providing a standard delivery process and detailed design plan

   ?  Detailed N8500 delivery plan for ABC_280 TB configuration template: applicable to ABC branches with 280 TB configurations.

   ?  Detailed N8500 delivery plan for ABC_380 TB configuration template: applicable to ABC branches with 380 TB configurations.


Method 2: N8000 capability training series

  ?  A total of 8 training courses have been delivered, among which 3 courses were especially designed to improve the N8500 server capability.

  ?  23 students attended the training. The participation rate is 92.3% and satisfaction rate is 93%.

  ?  The students have mastered 100% of deployment knowledge. The overall delivery efficiency is improved by 7 times. (The headcount of the delivery team grows from 3 to 23.)

  ?  After the training, the students have completed 26% of the delivery task (11 branches). The average delivery period for a branch is 6.6 work days, which is near to the SE delivery efficiency (6 work days).


Students' feedback:

Student 1: I'm looking forward to more training courses like this, for example, the inspection training, from which I can know the routine inspection items and measures I need to take.

Student 2: This training is very helpful for the N8500 deployment. It detailed the precautions that we need to pay attention to, and covered all the important things during the N8500 deployment.

Student 3: The training is useful and well-organized. If it had more hands-on experience, that would be perfect.


Service Capability Development Solution

Task scenario-based self-learning and training resources help you quickly master skills required by delivery and maintenance.

T Series Service Capability Development Solution 

N8000 Service Capability Development Solution 

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