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Hello Experts.

I'm totally new in Huawei world and I'm trying to configure RIP v2 on my routers.

Right now is working and I can reach routes through RIP, the problem came out when on my router 3 I have this network.

Loopback 1 /24

Loopback 4

Whe I add the network on my RIP process this erros shows:

Error: The network address is invalid, and the specified address must be major-net address without any subnets

My configuration is the next:

rip 1

undo summary

version 2


If I add the network as /16 it works, but when I create a new interface for instance Loopbak 5 24 automatically it join the RIP process, but what happens if I don´t want to advertise thar route? I know I can use silence interface command but I have only this option in phisycal interfaces.

All this things happens in ENSP.

thanks in advance.

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Sentinel     Created Aug 16, 2017 16:04:41 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)


This is one of the limitations of RIP, primarily because it was developed a very long time ago when we "classfull" routing was normal.

This is the same in all implementations of RIP which I have used, RIP can only be enabled for a full class A, B or C network.

As you rightly say, you can use the "silent-interface command, however you would find that this does not prevent RIP from advertising all networks within the major network. In your example, even if you add Loopback 5 and make it a "silent interface", the address of Loopback 5 will still be advertised. The "silent-interface" command only prevents RIP adverts from being transmitted on the interface you have specified. This is why you cannot make a Loopback interface silent, because a Loopback interface does not send any RIP adverts anyway.

To prevent the address of Loopback 5 being advertised, your only option is to apply some filtering to the outbound updates.

Hope this is clear.
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dordonez     Created Aug 17, 2017 10:07:17 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Posted by n00737437 at 2017-08-16 16:04Hi,This is one of the limitations of RIP, primarily because it was developed a very long time ago wh ...

So can I use the command
undo rip output

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Sentinel     Created Aug 17, 2017 15:32:34 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)


The "undo rip output" command is very similar to the "silent-interface" command, in fact the only difference is that silent interface prevents broadcast and multicast updates from being sent out of the interface, undo rip output will additionally prevent unicast RIP updates.
You should also note that with RIP, neither undo rip output, or silent-interface will prevent incoming rip adverts, only undo rip input will block incoming updates.
Neither of the commands would prevent the subnet assigned to an interface being advertised, the only way to limit which subnets of a major network are advertised in RIP updates is with filters.
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