PPPoE intermediate agent over VPLS

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I am trying to configure a quidway 5720EI switch to intercept PPPoE and insert the port information of the customer.

It works 100% if I do not use VPLS. Is there any way to get it configured?

My configuration is as follows:

vsi pppoe-vsi auto
 pwsignal bgp
  route-distinguisher x.x.x.x:553
  vpn-target 37353:553 import-extcommunity
  vpn-target 37353:553 export-extcommunity
  site 40 range 1000 default-offset 1
 mtu 9192                                 

interface Vlanif174
 mtu 9170
 ip address y.y.y.y
 ospf network-type p2p
 ospf bfd min-tx-interval 300 min-rx-interval 300 detect-multiplier 4
 mpls mtu 9162
 mpls ldp

interface Vlanif542
 l2 binding vsi pppoe-vsi

interface XGigabitEthernet0/0/1
 description Uplink
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk allow-pass vlan 174
 pppoe uplink-port trusted

display vsi name pppoe-vsi
Vsi                             Mem    PW    Mac       Encap     Mtu   Vsi     
Name                            Disc   Type  Learn     Type      Value State   
pppoe-vsi                       auto   bgp   unqualify vlan      9192  up

PPPoE establishes, but paxkets do not contain the port information. If I drop the VPLS and use stratight switching, everything works.

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SupperRobin  Visitor   Created Nov 2, 2018 12:01:40 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)


Switch only as a forwarding devic, will not change the packets information. so if the pppoe packets information loss, we suggest your check the VSI configuration, example the MTU setting.Also you can reference our production document about PPOE configuraiton


if still fail i suggest you'd better create a ticket for this issue,Huawei TAC team will help you check with detail
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WheatGrass  Visitor   Created Oct 5, 2018 15:10:30 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

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gandalf     Created Oct 19, 2018 04:48:05 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Posted by WheatGrass at 2018-10-05 15:10 Please refer to the example for configuring PPPoE+:http://support.huawei.com/hedex/pages/EDOC1100037 ...
I have done through the document several times. Unfortunately I have no managed to come right.

Everything works perfectly without vpls. When using vpls, I do not know how to specify the trusted interface.
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