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I must say, something is decided by destiny. I graduated in 2006 and worked in Ningbo at first. I was a test engineer of Ningbo Tuopu Group then and gradually found Ningbo wasn’t a city for me for it’s only a city for mechanics.

In 2008, after Spring Festival, I went to Shenzhen and found a job in my current company. Time flies. It’s been nearly 7 years now. Since the company wasn’t a big one, I preferred to do network and technical job instead of hardware or software.

Since then, I had been learning Cisco network technology. Network technology needed accumulation and practice. I didn’t have a network lab for my CCIE practice.

Until 2014, I decided to learn Huawei network technology instead. Why? For the first time, I found Huawei had a whole package of equipments for enterprise network. What’s more, Huawei developed eNSP for its HCIE practice. Cisco didn’t have such kind of useful tool for CCIE and all its books weren’t appropriate for me.

Sure HCIE wasn’t a big project for me. Thanks for the Huawei Forum, I had passion and motive to learn network technology. I also won prizes thrice there and no other companies gave me that before.

More haste, less speed. Huawei president Ren said, “just be diligent and be a master for one thing”. Yeah, I shouldn’t be greedy for being master of everything. I should select my own road, enterprise network, dealing with mainly four kinds of equipment, switch, router, firewall and wireless AC.

No need to be greedy. Just be patient to learn network technology with the help of HCIE R&S textboo, product Hedex Lite documentation, data communication common textbook and eNSP practice. Nothing else. Once the chance is coming, I need to make sure I have the ability to grasp it firmly.

I should learn network topic by topic, not as random as before.

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That's good

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user_113229 Created Dec 2, 2015 09:27:13 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

I must have the good habit of recording everything. Even though I’m very sure about it, I need to record it in detail so that I won’t fail later. I must pay attention to 64 byte flow, which is the strictest thing for router. Bidirectional flow with 64 byte packet, I have to be care about it.

In a word, record everything to ensure success so that I can repeat it again and again; Also pay attention to the exact request of customer(one failure G). Pay high attention to every detail so that I can know why I’m successful, or else I’ll fail next time(one failure M).

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user_113229 Created Aug 7, 2016 07:57:29 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Security MAC and Sticky MAC

Actually they’re both the same. They can restrict strange MAC address so that the port can be used only by devices with security MAC or sticky MAC. Here is an eNSP lab so that I can understand them deeper. eNSP config file is attached.


Now we can see

display mac-address security


MAC Address       VLAN/Bridge             Learned-From               Type     


5489-989f-3cd7      10/-                  Eth0/0/0                   security 



Total items displayed = 1

The MAC 5489-989f-3cd7 is for Huawei PC. After I connect Cisco PC with the Hub to obtain IP address,

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