Mounting a Router on a Wall

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  1. Mark two mounting holes on a wall.

    Use a measuring tape to determine positions of two mounting holes, keep the two positions aligned, and mark the positions with a marker.

    • Keep a distance of 130 mm between two holes on an AR150/160/200 series routers. See Figure 1.
    • Keep a distance of 270 mm between two holes on an AR1200 series routers. See Figure 2.
    Figure 1 Distance between holes on an AR150/160/200 series routers

    Figure 2 Distance between holes on an AR1200 series routers

  2. Drill holes and install mounting screws.

    1. The diameter of the mounting screws cannot exceed 4 mm. Choose an appropriate drill bit according to the diameter of the mounting screws. See a in Figure 3.
    2. Hammer the hollow wall anchors into the drilled holes. See b in Figure 3.
    3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to screw the mounting screws into the wall anchors, and leave the screws protruding 2 mm from the wall. See c in Figure 3.
    Figure 3 Drilling holes and installing mounting screws

  3. Mount the router on the wall. Align the mounting holes on the rear of the router with mounting screws and hang the router on the mounting screws.

    • See Figure 4 to install the AR150/160/200 series routers on a wall.
    • See Figure 5 to install the AR1200 series routers on a wall.
    Figure 4 Mounting an AR150/160/200 series router on a wall

    Figure 5 Mounting an AR1200 series router on a wall

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