Issues about Huawei Optical Module Alarm

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I have CE8860, and the Optical Modules are bought from huawei. There are Huawei logos on them.

Why are alarms about optical modules that are not certified for Huawei Ethernet Switches generated when optical modules having the Huawei Logo are used?

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DCN_Documentation     Created May 8, 2019 14:39:30 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Hello, hope this will help you :).

Vendor information of optical modules early delivered from Huawei may not be recorded.

Therefore, alarms about optical modules that are not certified for Huawei Ethernet switches are generated.

You can run the transceiver non-certified-alarm disable command to disable the alarm function for these optical modules.

For example:

<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] transceiver non-certified-alarm disable
[*HUAWEI] commit

Link with more information: ... d/thread/525917-861.
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Mohamed_Mostafa  Enthusiast Technician   Created May 8, 2019 14:34:17 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

You can check the ESN of the module using this link :

If the module is working fine you can disable these logs by using :

<HUAWEI> system-view
[HUAWEI] transceiver phony-alarm-disable
Info:Transceiver-phony-alarm disable.
The undo transceiver phony-alarm-disable
command enables the alarm function for non-Huawei-certified optical modules.

Also you can try load the latest patch .

For further support please collect the diagnostics information and contact TAC support .
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