Failover Issue between two firewalls

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  • Huawei interfaces are configured to work as a bridge interfaces while bridging vlan 100.
  • vlan interface is configured on Huawei for vlan 100.
  • vrrp configured for vlan interface 100, higher priority set on Huawei_1.

Huawei_1 and Huawei_2 are directly connected to two Juniper SRX cluster SRX_1 and SRX_2 respectively.
Once reth3(RG2) active interface is on SRX_1, traffic flows without any issue. (reth= redundant ethernet, traffic allows to flow in one interface only, once it is failed other interface countinue the flow of traffic)

From, To,157,158 and vice versa works as expected.

Once Fail-over is done for the RG2, traffic should flows SRX_2 to VRRP Master via Huawei_2. But this setup is not working.

To isolate the issue we did some tests,

Test_1 (reth3(RG2) active interface is on SRX_1)

We swapped the cables between Huawei_1 and Huawei_2. This started working again. From, To,157,158 and vice versa started to working again. Packets destined to goes via Huawei_2.

Test_2 (L3 interfaces created on SRX_2 to Huawei_2)

This test was done based on Non-working setup. We removed the SRX_1 to Huawei_1 and created L3 interface from SRX_2 to Huawei_2. But again this was not successful.

We need to isolate this issue, By ***ysing above two tests can we conclude this is an issue in Huawei side? From our side we see that traffic flows only when SRX_1 interfaces are active.

Failover Issue between two firewalls-1063707-1

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user_2790689 Created Mar 18, 2016 10:15:08 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

waiting for expert to solve this problem.
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