【FAQ】How to configure telnet to login SW

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How to configure telnet to login SW


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Equipment first power on must use Console port login, use the Console port login equipment way is the premise to realize the other way login. For example use Telnet login equipment IP address, need to configure after the Console portlogin in advance. Use serial cable to connect PC COM port and SW Console port, and make configuration.
1. Configure the management IP address of equipment (refer 1.1).
2. configure the router of PC and SW is reachable, and can ping.
If the PC and SW are direct connection, set PC address as the same network segment with SW management address; If the PC and SW are not direct connection, should configure corresponding route.
3. Configure SW Telnet verification mode is AAA the authentication[Quidway]user-interface vty 0 4 [Quidway-ui-vty0-4]authentication-mode aaa
4. Configure telnet login user parameter, username, password and privilege and so on. [Quidway]aaa // enter AAA view [Quidway-aaa]local-user admin password cipher admin//configure local-user admin,password is admin [Quidway-aaa]local-user admin privilege level 3 //configure user admin privilege level is 3 [Quidway-aaa]local-user admin service-type telnet //configure user admin service-type telnet
If do not configure user admin privilege level, it is 3 by default.(0—visit level, 1 –monitor level, 2—configure level, 3—management level )
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