Example for Configuring Interface Backup Between ADSL and 3G Interfaces

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This example applies to V200R002C01 and later versions.

Networking Requirements

RouterA connects to the IP network through two links:
  • Primary link: An ADSL interface on the 1ADSL-A/M interface card connects to the ADPD card of the DSLAM, and the DSLAM connects to RouterB through an interface on the main board.

  • Backup link, RouterA connects to a NodeB through a cellular interface, and communicates with the IP network through the 3G network.


In this example, the DSLAM is an MA5600T, and its configuration is provided for reference.

Figure 1  Backup between ADSL and cellular interfaces


  1. Configure RouterA.

  2. Configure the DSLAM.

  3. Configure RouterB.

  4. Verify the configuration.

    Run the display ip interface brief command to check the status of the ADSL and cellular interface. The ADSL interface ATM1/0/0 is in Up state, and Cellular0/0/0 is in Down state. When RouterA pings the gateway address, the number of received packets on ATM1/0/0 increases.

    When ATM1/0/0 is shut down, Cellular0/0/0 goes to Up state. When RouterA pings the gateway address, the number of received packets on Cellular0/0/0 increases.

Configuration Notes

  • To use the cellular interfaces on an AR router, install a 3G USB data card on the router. AR series routers support two 3G USB data cards.
  • Cellular interfaces support only circular DCC.
  • The primary and backup interfaces must have reachable routes to the destination network segment.
  • The VPI and VCI used on the DSLAM must be the same as those used on RouterA. When configuring IPoA on the DSLAM for the first time, configure a MAC address pool.
  • It takes some time for a cellular interface to dial to the 3G interface. Therefore, some data packets may be lost during an active/standby switchover.
  • When the 3G USB data card works in WCDMA mode, determine whether to configure a parameter profile based on the 3G network requirements:

    • If the 3G network does not require access point name (APN) authentication, you do not need to configure a parameter profile.
    • If the cellular interfaces need to use dynamic APNs, run the profile create profile-number dynamic command in the interface view.
    • If the cellular interfaces need to use static APNs, run the profile create profile-number static apn-name command in the interface view.

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Good example
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