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I've created the s5720 Huawei switch configuration like below.

radius-server template TESTABC-template

radius-server shared-key cipher Huawei123456.

radius-server authentication 1812 source ip-address weight 80

radius-server retransmit 2



authentication-scheme TESTABC-auth-scheme

  authentication-mode radius


domain default

  authentication-scheme TESTABC-auth-scheme

  radius-server TESTABC-template




save all


interface GigabitEthernet0/0/22

port hybrid pvid vlan 8

port hybrid untagged vlan 8

stp edged-port enable

dot1x enable

No problem with authentication. There's a five-six ping loss in 10 minutes. then reconnecting. Do I need to change the reauthentication time? Should I make a change in the radius-server retransmit 2 command?
Thank you.

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4am  Novice   Created Dec 16, 2018 22:59:20 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

the radius-server retransmit 2 command,Set the retransmission times. The device sends an authentication request packet to the RADIUS server. If the device does not receive the response packet from the RADIUS server within the retransmission interval, the device sends an authentication request packet again.
Therefore, if the authentication is normal, packet loss may not occur due to authentication. You can check whether packets are lost on the device by segment or configure the gateway on the device. Then, ping the gateway to check whether packet loss occurs.
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