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The 5G network has been positioned as a trend that will change the way we navigate the network; However, his arrival in our country is at least five years away, experts say.

The arrival of fifth-generation or 5G networks promise 10 times faster browsing speeds than a 4G or LTE network currently offers; However, for this promise to come true in our country, a series of previous factors must occur, which are still far, experts say.

Although several mobile phone operators are already testing in Mexico for the development of these services, manufacturers such as Qualcomm, IBM, Ericsson, Huawei and NEC, see that the great challenge for these services to take off has to do more with the deployment of optical fiber and spectrum bidding in networks, as these will allow these services to be brought to the population.

In order for telecommunications and technology companies to provide 5G, more available spectrum must be released and tendered, in the bands between 3 Ghz and 6 Ghz (sub 6 Ghz) as well as low-latency networks (mm-waves) .

These two are so important because, on the one hand, the sub-6 gives us low latency and the millimeter networks gives us the volume of hundreds of megahertz to give people broadband and the internet of things.

With the tender of these spectrum spaces, a 5G network with latency of less than one millisecond and speeds 10 times faster than the current ones could be available.

According to the GSMA consultant, it is expected that globally, the implementation of 5G will be, by 2025, with a coverage of one third of the population and will give estimated support to 1,200 million connections. The first countries that will enjoy it will be: South Korea, United States and Singapore

Another component that must be taken into account for the development of this network and its services has to do with the investment and adoption curve of these projects, which will take five years to enter.

Lack of spectrum and investment in more infrastructure such as radiobases, but mobile phone operators in our country are already on the road to get their services there. There are things that telecommunications companies can already start doing to go there, such as the cloud or put accelerators to their 4G and LTE networks and then make investments; The investment cycle is at least five years.

So far my contribution, comments and / or response.

Any comments and / or questions will be welcome.

Greetings from Mexico

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Thank you for sharing.
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JorgeMX Created Sep 21, 2019 16:04:49
@liqiang185 good day. Thank you for for your comment, I hope to be making more publications regarding. Regards!  


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