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5700HI--VPLS kompella BGP AD with cisco

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Hey guys! Have you ever heard about 5700HI--VPLS kompella BGP AD with cisco.

Issue Description

        Customer want use VPLS kompella with BGP Auto-discovery feature between Huawei S5700HI (V200R005C00SPC500) and Cisco ISR 4451 (version 15.5),but after configuration, customer found that the VPLS not working.

The topology as bellow is Huawei S5700. is Cisco ISR4451

The IGP is IS-IS.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1 check the IGP configuration and the status.--normal

2 check the BGP configuration and status------normal

3 check the VPLS status.-----abnormal


Check the Vpls configuration:

Huawei S5700:

vsi VPLS201
 pwsignal bgp
  route-distinguisher 64500:10201
  mtu-negotiate disable

 encapsulation rfc4761-compatible
interface Vlanif201

 l2 binding vsi VPLS201
bgp 64500

  undo policy vpn-target
  peer enable

  peer advertise-community
Cisco ISR 4451:

bridge-domain   201
l2 vfi VPLS201   autodiscovery
 vpn id 10201

 bridge-domain 201
 mtu 1546
 vpls-id 64500:10201

 rd 64500:10201

 route-target export 64500:10201

 route-target import 64500:10201
 no auto-route-target
router bgp 64500

 address-family l2vpn vpls

  no bgp default route-target filter

  neighbor IBGP send-community both

  neighbor IBGP route-reflector-client

  neighbor IBGP suppress-signaling-protocol   ldp

  neighbor activate

  neighbor send-community both
  neighbor   suppress-signaling-protocol ldp

Root Cause:

       After check the configuration, we found some feature not match between Huawei and cisco.


       Change the configuration both from the Huawei and cisco.

Huawei S5700:
vsi VPLS201 auto
 pwsignal bgp

    route-distinguisher 64500:10201

  vpn-target   64500:10201 import-extcommunity
  vpn-target   64500:10201 export-extcommunity
  encapsulation   rfc4761-compatible
  site 1 range   100 default-offset 1
 encapsulation   ethernet
interface Vlanif201
 description   VPLS201
 l2 binding vsi   VPLS201
bgp 64500
  policy   vpn-target
  signaling vpls
  peer enable
  peer advertise-community

Cisco ISR 4451

l2vpn vfi context VPLS201
 vpn id 10201
 autodiscovery   bgp signaling bgp
  ve id 2
  ve range 100
  rd 64500:10201
  route-target   export 64500:10201
  route-target   import 64500:10201
template type pseudowire VPLS201
 encapsulation   mpls
 vc type ethernet
 mtu 1546

bridge-domain 201
 member   Ethernet-Internal1/0/0 service-instance 201
 member vfi   VPLS201
router bgp 64500
address-family l2vpn vpls
  no bgp default   route-target filter
  neighbor IBGP   send-community both
  neighbor IBGP   route-reflector-client
  neighbor IBGP   suppress-signaling-protocol ldp
  neighbor activate
  neighbor send-community both
  neighbor suppress-signaling-protocol ldp


       Sometimes Huawei and cisco use the difference feature even if it’s same protocol, we need analysis both device function, then find the differences and similarities.

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