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50 Use of Blockchain

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Hello all,

Recently, I had a few articles on Blockchain, its scalability issues and solutions with some use cases where it can be useful but today I am sharing some 50 cases where Blockchain can work and enhance its working.



Little about BlockChain

Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is replicated and distributed over the whole network, or, to put it another way, "BlockChain provides a method/system for storing information that cannot be hacked or manipulated."

Block Chain is NOT Bitcoin,just one of a use case


You may get more insight on BlockChain Technology , please see link


50 Fields/work where Blockchain helps

  1. Electronic health record accessibility

  2. Better ways to trade forex

  3. Improved digital identity authentication

  4. Managing real estate workflow

  5. Incorporating local preferences in decentralized banking options

  6. A digital-only investment bank

  7. Transport sensitive pharmaceuticals and food

  8. Protecting consumer information on mobile

  9. Helping mobile phone  users monetize their data

  10. Trust in the global supply chain

  11. Improving the use of data in the transportation and logistics industries

  12. Ad fraud

  13. Fake newsSettling payments faster

  14. The bidding process in art and collectibles markets

  15. Assessing the value of collectibles

  16. Availability of digital games

  17. Currency for eSports

  18. Storing scholarly articles

  19. Shortage of workers with advanced tech skills

  20. Rights management for  photographers

  21. Content rights management

  22. Simplifying the logo copyrighting process

  23. Crowdsourcing for legal dispute resolution

  24. Securing financial contracts

  25. Control of personal data

  26. Economic crisis

  27. Crypto rewards for video game skills

  28. Buying, selling and trading your social media friends

  29. “Tokenizing” real world items

  30. Trust in social networks

  31. Universal billing system      for travel industry

  32. Aligning creativity and recognition for content creators

  33. Online piracy

  34. Standardizing the value of advertisements

  35. Earning money on personal data

  36. Complying with Anti-Money-Laundering laws

  37. Online retail fraud

  38. Streamlining interactions  among shoppers, retailers and brands

  39. Linking content across computers, tablets and phones

  40. Ranking apps by their value

  41. Tools to build  decentralized apps

  42. Decentralized database  for decentralized technologies

  43. Trading indexes as tokens

  44. Easier way to invest in  real estate

  45. Identifying and verifying users in online dating

  46. Better social network + blockchain + AI + human touch

  47. Improving content streaming on the blockchain

  48. Supply chain transparency

  49. Increasing public sector trust of cryptocurrencies

  50. Education around blockchain technology

You are welcome to leave a message and exchange in the comment area. Thank you!



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Moderator Author Created Mar 1, 2022 04:55:17

learning new things is always great
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Moderator Created Mar 1, 2022 17:01:36

Thanks for Sharing
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Moderator Author Created Mar 23, 2022 06:34:48

amazing write up
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Created Mar 25, 2022 05:07:12

Great share on the cases where Blockchain can work and enhance its working
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BAZ Created May 8, 2022 15:00:26 (0) (0)
yes thats the motive  
Moderator Author Created Apr 14, 2022 08:39:17

really helpful post..
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