【2019.03.09】eNSP publish announcement (v1.3.00.100)

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version: v1.3.00.100 publish date:2019-03-09

eNSP updates

Fixed Bugs:

1. Fixing the bug which CE/NE/CX can not be started at the second time.

2. Fixing the bug which eNSP can not connect to CE/NE/CX's command line sometimes. 



version: v1.3.00 publish date:2019-02-26

eNSP 1.3.00 updates

New added:

1. The latest version of the USG6000V device (V500R005C10SPC300) is integrated (default username: admin, password: Admin@123).

2. Integrated NE40E, NE5KE, NE9K and CX (V800R011C00SPC607B607).

3. Integrated with the latest version of CE6800 and CE12800 (V800R011C00SPC607B607).

4. The web device is added to the AC network management function.

Fixed Bugs:

1. Repairing AR can't open multiple problems at once.

2. Fix the problem that STA roaming cannot be a one-time success.

3. Repair SVRP devices can only open 16 problems.

4. Repair SVRP device connection can only connect up to 20 questions.

5. Change the interface placement of NE, CX, and CE devices, classify NE and CX as routers, and return CE to switches.



version: v1.2.00.510??????? publish date:2017-01-05

NOTE: When using the USG6000V and CE devices, turn on hardware virtualization.

Note: Huawei internal users can join espace group 368454 to communicate.

eNSP updates
New added:
1. Integrates latest AC, AP, Center AP and RRU simulation equipment (V200R007C10).
2. eNSP support virtualbox 5.2.
Fixed Bugs:
1. Fix command line start parameter overflow problem.
2. Fix NE, CX equipment import no problem.
3. Fix win10 1703 system can only open a switch device problem.
4. Fix VPN IPSEC experiment, PC1 ping PC2 normal PC1 ping gateway ensp crashes.
5. Fix the problem that the USG5500 starts only when the server is set to, and add the help document FAQ.
1.The AC and AP devices in the software are all new versions of the device package (V200R007C10). The configuration commands of the device package (V200R003C00) change greatly. The original WLAN topology is no longer applicable.
? Please pay special attention when importing WLAN topology directly.
2.Before installing the new version, uninstall the original software, delete the eNSP folder in the installation directory completely, and delete the User-> AppData-> Local-> eNSP folder completely.



version: v1.2.00.390??????? publish date:2016-05-27

Notes:Add a custom device,please refer to the F1 help document FAQ related content.

New added:
1.Console port of simulate pc.
2.Integrate NE5000E/CE12800/CX200 which were supplied by third party user in support-e forum.(eNSP is not responsible for update)
3.Publish ensp plugin interface development standard,user custom simulate device can be integrated in eNSP.
4.eNSP support VirtualBox 5.0 in default.

Fixed Bugs:
1.Fix IGMP version3 bug of simulate pc.
2.Fix poe bug of simulate ac.
3.Fix UI bug of multicast tab content of simulate pc in the high resolution 1920*1080.
4.Fix GVRP bug of simulate ar.
5.Fi****NS's configuration bug of simulate ar.(bug description:DDNS's configuration can't be displayed.)
6.Fix Reboot's bug of simulate lsw.
7.Fix dhcp relay bug of simulate lsw.(bug description:simulate ap can't get ip by dhcp relay of simulate lsw.)
8.Fix HRP bug of usg6000v.
9.Fix new zone creating bug of usg6000v.(bug description:usg6000v can't create new zone.)
10.Fix heartbeat bug of usg6000v.(bug description:usg6000v's heartbeat is closed in default.)



version: v1.2.00.380??????? publish date:2016-02-26

1.if you want to try usg6000v beta,please read?How to start USG6000v on eNSP ?first.

2.in window 10, please go to www.virtualbox.org to download the latest virtualbox 5.0 first, then install it.

New added:
1.IPSG feature of AR routers.
2.Qos feature of AR routers.
3.DSVPN feature of AR routers.
4.Cpcar feature of AR routers.
5.Port-mirror feature of AR routers.
6.Dhcpv6-snooping feature of switches.
7.NTP feature of switches.
8.Support usg6000v beta.

Fixed Bugs:
1.Fix MQC feature of AR routers.
2.Fix eNSP UI bug in the high resolution 1920*1080.
3.Fix the bug of save-as function.
4.Fix the bug of simpc can't slice ip packet.


version: v1.2.00.370??????? publish date:2015-10-22
Notes: in window 10, please go to www.virtualbox.org to download the latest virtualbox package first, then install it.

New added:
1.QinQ feature of switches
2.Double tag VLAN mapping of switches
3.Traffic filtering of switches
4.DHCP Snooping of switches
5.LLDP feature of switches
6.MQC feature of AR routers
7.Exam function on the eNSP client
8.CLI Transparency on eNSP

Fixed Bugs
1.Incorrect application of traffic policies to switches.
2.Abnormal display of interface rate of switches' Eth-Trunk interfaces.
3.NAT function of AR routers.
4.Master IP address in reverse order in the output of the display vrrp command on AR routers.
5.AR routers' DNS function does not take effect in the NAT+DNS scenario.
6.The IGMPv3 feature does not take effect on simulated PCs.
7.eNSP may break down when a simulated PC pings an IPv6 address.
8.FR switches do not support PPP over FR.
9.FR switches obtain a packet twice from an inbound interface.
10.After a user double-clicks the .topo file to open the topology, the hub interface cannot forward packets.
11.Other problems affecting normal use of eNSP.

v1.2.00.370 download url:



version: v1.2.00.360??????? publish date:2015-04-16

Notes: read this post first?http://forum.huawei.com/enterprise/thread-285629.html

New added:
1. Support CE6800.
2. Export vrpcfg.cfg from usg5500
Bug fixes:
1. Fix IPSEC issue of AR.
2. FR switch can't recv packet after running for a long while.
3. Simulate pc doesn't give response for igmg query packet.
4. AR start failed due to the serial port can't be open sometimes.
5. Simulate pc can't get gateway ip when the dhcp pool was configured with more than two gateways.
6. Serial port conflict when restart simulate device sometimes.
7. Fix issue about distributed deployment.

v1.2.00.360 download url:



version: v1.2.00.350??????? publish date:2014-05-16

Bug fixed:
1. Fix incorrect VRRP state of Switch while using MD5 authentication mode.
2. Fix loopback detection problem of Switch.
3. Fix IPSEC issue of AR while using ah-esp or esp protocol if no authentication mode is on.
4. Fix policy router+NAT issue of AR.

v1.2.00.350 download url:



version: v1.2.00.330??????? publish date:2014-03-12

New added:
1. Add support for AC6605 POE feature.

Bug fixed:
1. Unable to obtain IP address from DHCP server on switch after configuring vlan mapping on it.
2. Switch crashed when configuring vlan on eth-trunk.
3. AR could not been started under certain enviroment.
4. Firewall crashed when running on Win8 and Win8.1.
5. Fix PPPoE+NAT bug of AR after configuring dialer-group.
6. Failed to send packet when using Virtual-Template as out interface and not specifying next hop for static route.
7. Fix multicast bfd up/down bug of AR.

v1.2.00.330 download url:



version: v1.2.00.320??????? publish date:2014-01-22

Note:if your pc's OS is win8, please download winpcap 4.1.3 from www.winpcap.org, and then install it.

New added:

1. WDS function of WLAN now is supported.
2. Add a new simulation device of firewall - USG5500.
3. Add a new simulation device of WLAN - AC6605.

Bug fixed:
1. Fix the bug of client and server that Chinese characters can not display correctly under English enviroment.
2. Fix STA display problem when receiving VAP information from multiple AP.
3. Fix STA occasionally disappeared when it's auto moving.

v1.2.00.320 download url:



version: v1.2.00.310??????? publish date:2013-12-31

New added:
1. Simulation of automatic STA move is supported.
2. WLAN support simple functions of PoE power supply.
3. Multiple users can use eNSP simultaneously.
4. The version is compatible with VirtualBox v4.3.
5. The system MAC address can be saved when you click Save on topologies.
6. PCs and multicast sources can automatically generate multicast MAC addresses.
7. ARs support the transparent bridge functions.
8. Switches support the one-layer VLAN mapping function.

Bug fixed:
1. AR automatically restarts when you configure commands on it.
2. An AR cannot transparently transmit CAPWAP packets.
3. An AR's Layer 3 Eth-Trunk interface cannot work in LACP mode.
4. Failed to ping the loopback interface on an IPSec tunnel set up between two ARs.

v1.2.00.310 download url:


version: v1.2.00.300??????? publish date:2013-11-28

New added:
1. Added AC/AP/STA simulator
2. WLAN devices support the following features:
??? 1> L2/L3 networking, inline/bypass mode, direct forwarding/tunnel forwarding (supported by IPv4)
??? 2> Static and dynamic Option 43
??? 3> MAC address or SN based authentication or non-authentication
??? 4> The AC delivers configurations to APs.
??? 5> WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK authentication; 802.1x access authentication for WPA/WPA2; data encryption not supported
??? 6> Dual link backup
??? 7> L2/L3 roaming
??? 8> Simulate APs to provide 2.4G or 5G signals.
??? 9> Simulate STAs to connect to APs.
3. The AR further supports the following features:
??? 1> IPv6 transition
??? 2> DHCPv6
??? 3> NetStream
4. Added router of eNSP 1.0

v1.2.00.300 download url:



version: v1.2.00.210??????? publish date:2013-08-31

New added:
1. added Windows Firewall detection to solve AR starting problem because of the improper settings
2. added OS performance counter detection to solve switch starting problem because of the improper counter settings
3. added new characteristics of AR's second layer: port isolation, port security, MAC limit, MAC drift detection, eth-trunk and aging time configuration of MAC address
Bug fixed:
1. fixed the switch crash bug when running on Win8
2. fixed the AR boot bug due to unrecognized virtual NIC
3. fixed the GRE tunnel bug
4. fixed the AR mutual interference bug in multiuser environment
5. fixed the missing bug on swithes when restoring configuration
6. fixed the bug on 64bit OS when dragging to open topo
7. fixed the bug of AR's STP status
8. fixed the bug of not being able to insert "?" when inputing commands
9. fixed the AR's VRRP bug
10. fixed the incorrect interface status of client and erver when double clicking to open topo

v1.2.00.210 download url:



version: v1.2.00.200??????? publish date:2013-06-29

note: recommends uninstalling the original version, and then install the latest version

New added:
1. reduce AR CPU usage
2. provide reboot functionality of AR

Bug fixed:
1. fix random up / down problems of interfaces
2. fix block problem of local VPN
3. fix block problem of AR sub-interface
4. fix broadcast storm problem caused by stp of AR taking no effect

v1.2.00.200 download url:



version: v1.2.00.120??????? publish date:2013-05-13

note: recommends uninstalling the original version, and then install the latest version

New added:
1.support TAB key switch when filling IP address of SimPC
2.provide one key register function of AR_Base
Bug fixed:
1. improve the stability when starting AR
2. reduce memory usage of AR
3. fix distribution service for AR
4. fix the dysfunction of MPLS L3VPN

Version: v1.2.00.120? download url:


version: v1.2.00.110??????? publish date:2013-04-12

Bug fixed:
1. fixed VirtualBox not found error on windows7(64bit)
2. fixed registration failure of interface boards
3. optimize CPU usage
4. fixed the problem that the configuration can not be restored under ATM interface
5. fixed the packet loss problem of cloud after being tied to NIC
6. fixed the port conflict problem due to boot failure of device
7. Optimize the Layer 2 port forwarding

Version: v1.2.00.110??download url:



version: v1.2.00.100????????publish date:2013-04-07

New added:

1.AR series simulator: AR201, AR1220, AR2220, AR2240, AR3260
2.New features of AR simulator: NAT, firewall, IPSec, SSLVPN, MQC, AC, interface cards, etc
3.All brand new UI interface
4.Graphically display plugging in and pulling out interface cards
5.A button to open all command line

version: v1.0.216????????publish date:2013-02-01

New added:

1. add the terminals client and server of FTP、HTTP and DNS
2. add the function supporting IPv6 for simulate PC
3. add the function draging the name of the devices
4. improve the readability of frame relay config interface

Bug fixed:
1. fixed the bug of mpls l2vpn
2. fixed the occasional crash bug when saving topo
3. fixed the information loss of binding ports on cloud device when saving topo
4. added the case-sensitive support for command line


version: v1.0.210????????publish date:2012-11-30

New added:
1. add IPSec protocol control plane for router
2. add SSLVPN feature for router
3. add function of send UDP data streams for simulate PC
4.?add the function of capturing data on Cloud、FRSW、HUB and simulate PC.
5.?add the function of openning UDP ports of Cloud.
6.?improve the function of router on AAA, DHCP and DNS.

Bug fixed:
1. fixed frame relay switch and hub's unstable bug
2. fixed the time interval accuracy of data capture
3. fixed the crash bug of cloud device which caused by undo deleting port operation
4. fixed the Chinese garbled's bug in English operating system
5. fixed the crash bug of sim pc when switching to dhcp mode
6. fixed the ping bug after disabling the switches' mac learning function and using static mac address
7. fixed the bug that the ICMPv3 message sent by sim pc does not correspond with the interface parameters


version: v1.0.208????????publish date:2012-10-31

New added:
1. add cloud device
2. add frame relay switch device
3. add HUB device
4. add GVRP and port isolate?features for switch
5. add guide interface and open history feature
6. add arrow, save as, grid icon in the toolbar. Modify the position of icons in the toolbar

Bug fixed:
1. fix the problem that the returned time of tracert commmand of simulate PC was smaller than 0
2. fix the problem that the simulate PC cannot ping through loop address like
3. fix the prolbem that the simulate PC receive mixed-up data when the destination ip is changed in the multicast feature test
4. fix the problem that the simulate PCs in different networks could ping through when gateway is not set
5. fix the problem that the ping command could carry on when extra characters are added after the IP address
6. fix the problem that the information of binding adapters cannot be loaded when opening topo.
7. fix the problem that the device cannot be started when the console server is closed in the distributed deployment
8. fix the problem of wrong display information of mapped static ARP in simulate PC


version: v1.0.205????????publish date: 2012-9-28

New added:

?????1. Ping, Traceroute, ipconfig, arp, dhcp feature for simulate PC

????2. add the feature of opening saved topo files directly

????3. support binding more than one interfaces to the same adapter.

????4. add the feature of importing and exporting device configuration

????5. add auto line wrap feature for CLI

????6. Wireshark and VLC path could be modified manually

????7. add the feature of saving topoboard as JPG and PNG

????8. the line width and the line style of shape could be modified in the drawing palette

????9. add the feature of adding shapes continuously, and right click to stop

????10. double click on the shape could start resizing operation, and click on the blank area to end resizing

Bug fixed:
?????1. fix the problem that in operating system of some other languages, eg. Spanish, German, program collapse when starting device

????2. fix the problem that the device couldn't be started when it's bound to the physical adapter

????3. fix the problem that the switch could not load the new config file after setting the next start-up config file

????4. fix the problem of DHCP packet failing to be transfered through switch

????5. all the device ports that are bound to the same physical adapter could UP

????6. fix the problem that the same topoboard couldn't be loaded repeatedly

????7. fix the problem that the picture couldn't be deleted when it's set as the background of eNSP

????8. fix the problem that the whole topoboard couldn't be printed


eNSP 1.0.201 updates and bugs fixed

New added:
????1. add new feature of checking for updates
????2. add delete and capture data menu when right click on the device line
????3. add new feature of daragging interface label
????4. user can config the program path of the Wireshark and the VLC player
????5. the background config could be saved
????6. add horizontal and vertical alignment menu on the selected devices
????7. add snap-to-grid feature for selected devices
????8. add checkbox of auto snap to grid when adding devices

Bug fixed:
????1. fix the problem that the device color remained while it has been stopped
????2. fix the problem that the device can't be started when its com port is modified after the conflict remind of com port
????3. fix the switch port dosen't up when connecting to a simulate PC in the distributed deployment
????4. fix the problem that fail to bind physical adapter caused by incorrect binding order
????5. fix the problem of deleting extra characters when using CTRL+W in command line interface
????6. fix the problem of Serial line changing to solid line after undo and redo operate
????7. fix the problem that the lines of routers show up after performing changing its interface number, undo and redo operate
????8. the dialog boxes of selecting topos and video path no longer effect each other


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user_1892225     Created Sep 24, 2012 19:29:46 Helpful(1) Helpful(1)

Good news, looking forward!!
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HugoKln     Created Oct 1, 2012 02:45:17 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)



Your backup solution works like a charm.



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s00729813     Created Oct 5, 2012 23:58:19 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Very good... Thank you a lot...

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wtg     Created Oct 20, 2012 20:33:27 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)


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j00744371     Created Oct 22, 2012 23:30:02 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Have anybody noticed that when VRRP is activated in  a Vlanif of a switch, it doesnt allow any other device to send multicast packets of VRRP with that switch ?.. Is this a bug ??
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Young_Wang     Created Oct 23, 2012 09:49:39 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Good to see the improvement, we'll be better and better, this gives me confidence.

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nickcnic     Created Oct 24, 2012 17:11:14 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Thanks for the updates
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s00902598     Created Oct 25, 2012 16:59:51 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

I just tried it and is really helpful.

Looking forward for eNSP with support for all AR routers (currently only supports AR1220).

Are you planning to add support for other AR series routers also? when can we expect?

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ensp_commiter     Created Oct 25, 2012 17:27:10 Helpful(1) Helpful(1)

we are designing the other AR series routers,
but the publish date is not sure.


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