1.15.4 Example for Configuring Basic HDLC Functions

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1.15.4 Example for Configuring Basic HDLC Functions-1250127-1

It’s a simple Lab practice. Just configure two serial ports to make sure the two routers can communicate with each other through serial line. 

[RouterA]display  interface Serial 2/0/0

Serial2/0/0 current state : UP

Line protocol current state : UP

Last line protocol up time : 2014-10-15 05:50 UTC-05:13

Description:HUAWEI, AR Series, Serial2/0/0 Interface

Route Port,The Maximum Transmit Unit is 1500, Hold timer is 10(sec)

Internet Address is

Link layer protocol is nonstandard HDLC

Last physical up time   : 2014-10-15 05:50 UTC-05:13

Last physical down time : 2014-10-15 05:50 UTC-05:13

Current system time: 2014-10-15 05:50-05:13

Physical layer is synchronous, Virtualbaudrate is 64000 bps

Interface is DTE, Cable type is V11, Clock mode is TC

Last 300 seconds input rate 5 bytes/sec 40 bits/sec 0 packets/sec

Last 300 seconds output rate 2 bytes/sec 16 bits/sec 0 packets/sec


Input: 699 packets, 22418 bytes

  Broadcast:              0,  Multicast:              0

  Errors:                 0,  Runts:                  0

  Giants:                 0,  CRC:                    0


  Alignments:             0,  Overruns:               0

  Dribbles:               0,  Aborts:                 0

  No Buffers:             0,  Frame Error:            0


Output: 702 packets, 8498 bytes

  Total Error:            0,  Overruns:               0

  Collisions:             0,  Deferred:               0

    Input bandwidth utilization  :    0%

Output bandwidth utilization :    0%

WE only need to remember that if the serial port is DCE, we have to configure clock rate at first. By the way, does anybody know that it's possible to make MTU of ethernet 2000? The config file of eNSP is attached.


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Thank you.
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Practice makes perfect.
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Many thanks
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