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2# HW documentation Introduction 

3# HW solution and successful story (2014.06.12-New poster- From No. 8 to No.10 )

4# Knowledge of base station (2014.06.12-New poster- From No. 6 to No.49)

5# Case

6# Ask and discuss

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Huawei customer documentation

Customer Activity Post Mode Author Link
1. Product quick view including product portfolios, network architecture,logical structure, specifications and so on Huawei Base Stations Basics-Let’s Get Start  SRAN l00267776
eNodeB (FDD) Basics – Learning Basic Information About eNodeB (FDD) LTE(FDD) d00221188
eNodeB (TDD) Basics – Learning Basic Information About eNodeB (TDD)  LTE(TDD) l00105093
NodeB Basics – Learning Basic Information About NodeB  UMTS w00105903
GSM Base Stations and Documentation GSM w00122794
2. Know the Delta of hardware and software between versions. Multimode Base Station Release Notes SRAN y00129801
eNodeB (FDD) Release Notes LTE(FDD) l00140072
LTE TDD eNodeB Release Notes LTE(TDD) l00105093
GSM Base Station Release Notes GSM p00104922
3. Configure hardware
- What kinds of baseband unit (BBU) and RF modules need to be configured for a base station working in GSM mode, UMTS mode, LTE mode, or multimode?

-When much space for installing user equipment is required, what kinds of cabinets and how many cabinets need to be configured?
... ...
Configuration Principle – Guide for Base Station Deployment  SRAN/LTE/UMTS/GSM g00139240
4. Plan network parameter.
Base Station Data Planning SRAN/LTE(FDD)/UMTS/GSM f00131425
eNodeB(TDD) Configuration Data Planning  LTE(TDD) l00110117
5. upgrade a base station to a target version on the test bed or live network Multimode Base Station Upgrade Guide SRAN y00129801
eNodeB Base Station Upgrade Guide LTE(FDD) y00177072
eNodeB(TDD) Upgrade Guide LTE(TDD) z00120980
GSM Base Station Upgrade Guide  GSM p00104922
6. Install or replace the hardware 3900 Series Base Station Installation Guide--Easily Searched by Scenario  SRAN g64121
eNodeB(TDD) Hardware Installation Guide  LTE(TDD) w00227912
Site/Hardware Maintenance Guide – Easy Component Replacement  SRAN g64121
7. Before the base station commissioning, get ready the data configuration script for the base station. 3900 Series Base Station Initial Configuration Guide – Simplifying Data Configuration Script Preparation for Base Stations SRAN/LTE(FDD)/UMTS/GSM l00111351
eNodeB(TDD) Initial Configuration Guide - A Good Helper for Configuration Script Preparation  LTE(TDD) l00110117
8. Commission and verify the base station based on design requirements to ensure that the base station can work properly.

Multimode Base Station Commissioning Guide SRAN/LTE(FDD)/UMTS/GSM y00129801
eNodeB(TDD) Commissioning Guide  LTE(TDD) l00110117
9. Integrate the NE to the NMS system How to Find NBI Documentation  ALL h00107518
10. Reconfigure network data eRAN Reconfiguration Guide – Facilitating Your Network Optimization  LTE(FDD) l00121273
11. Monitor basic network Routine Maintenance Guide: Health Check ALL d00221188
12. Monitor network KPI eRAN KPI Reference-Network Performance Indicator LTE y00177072
3900 Series Base Station Performance Counter Reference  SRAN/LTE(FDD)/UMTS/GSM z00216349
13. Monitor network capacity eNodeB Performance Monitoring Reference – Ensuring Successful Service Implementation  LTE d00221188
14. Handle Alarm/event 3900 Series Base Station Alarm/Event Reference – Facilitating Fault Rectification SRAN/LTE(FDD)/UMTS/GSM l00111351
15. Troubleshoot eRAN Troubleshooting Guide-A Good Help for Troubleshooting LTE(FDD) y00177072
16. Manage spare parts With Base Station Spare Parts Manual, Enjoy Spare Parts Stocking and Management SRAN/LTE(FDD)/UMTS/GSM c00175292
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HW solution and successful story

No. Post overview Auther Link
1 SingleRAN Since its launch in 2008, SingleRAN has become a global industry standard and top operators’ choice for multi-RAT network construction and operation.  mhkabir1952
2 CRM In the era of broadband, convergence and business transformation, Huawei CRM solution can effectively deal with the urgent demands from operators to meet challenges in areas like convergence of services, customer categorization, business models and dealing with the whole value chain in order to achieve the sustainable business success. mhkabir1952
3 IPv6 To help operators face the IPv4 address depletion and IPv6 transformation, we provide solutions covering the following fields:
-Introducing IPv6 to legacy networks
-Solving IPv4 address shortage
-Professional services
4 SelfCare/E-Care Huawei SelfCare/E-Care solution is a Web application that provides accurate, timely and detailed information for all its subscribers, who are granted 24-hour remote access to account data.  mhkabir1952
5 A Disaster Recovery Network of Larger Capacity and Better Security Empowered by the disaster recovery network, the PBC has successfully enhanced the disaster recovery capability of its data center. The advanced and stable platform has further enabled the PBC to smoothly expand its services. The PBCs disaster recovery system has set a good example for the financial industry.  mhkabir1952
6 Digital Home (IPTV) Our end-to-end, convergent IPTV solution helps operators solve key problems on IPTV construction and operation from various aspects, such as system integration, service operation, operation support, and future sustainable development.  mhkabir1952
7 Huawei Managed Services for TVO Huawei Managed Services for TVO (Total Value of Ownership) solution enables operators to align technology investment with business objectives. It is designed to help operators not only improve operational efficiency, enhance network quality and reduce OPEX, but also better service quality & customer experience, and grow revenue. mhkabir1952
8 M2M Huawei positions itself as an M2M communications solution provider in the M2M sector, and keeps a close eye on M2M standards by taking critical positions in multiple workgroups, and actively develops proposals and promotes their standardization. mhkabir1952
9 Network Sharing Solution Huawei wireless network sharing solutions include multi-operator radio access network (MORAN) and multi-operator core network (MOCN). With MORAN, each operator can separately configure cell parameters and perform feature configuration and optimization to achieve independent cell-specific service management. mhkabir1952
10 MeanULActualPowerLoad MeanULActualPowerLoad is very high even in the time of low traffic Armetta
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Knowledge of base station

No. Post Mode Author Link
1 Ping Test for the troubleshooting NodeB UMTS mahmud_h
2 Trace Test: For Troubleshooting NodeB  UMTS mahmud_h
3 FAN Box of BTS 3900A ALL mahmud
4 How to build a high capacity radio network ALL mahmud
5 UMTS Data Rate Evolution GSM/UMTS mahmud_h
6 New channels in HSUPA UMTS mahmud_h
7 Duplex Technology: 3D view LTE mahmud_h
8 The CBC as a part of the core network (CN) UMTS mahmud_h
9 DCCC based on traffic volume mahmud_h
10 SingleBTS SRAN mahmud_h
11 Applications & Benefits of SingleBTS SRAN mahmud_h
12 [DBS3900] Basic Info ALL mahmud_h
13 [DBS3900]Typical installation scenarios of the DBS3900 ALL mahmud_h
14 [DBS3900]Typical application scenarios of the DBS3900 ALL mahmud_h
15 [MBA]--Mini BTS Auxiliary sumon_ahsan
16 [MBA]--Product Description sumon_ahsan
17 [MBA]--Product Features sumon_ahsan
18 [MBA]--The Auxiliary Facility Box features sumon_ahsan
19 [MBA]--Engineering parameter list of Auxiliary Facility Box sumon_ahsan
20 [MBA]--AC Lightning Protection Box sumon_ahsan
21 [MBA]--Power Transformer (iMBA) sumon_ahsan
22 [MBA]--Engineering parameters of MPW1200-220V AC Power Transformer sumon_ahsan
23 Flow of Soft Handover - Adding Radio Link UMTS Armetta
24 Flow of Soft Handover - Deleting Radio Link UMTS Armetta
25 New mBTS Hardware SRAN Armetta
26 [BTS Cabinets Monitor] BTS3900L RFC ALL Armetta
27 [BTS Cabinets Monitor] BTS3900L 2RFC ALL Armetta
28 [BTS Cabinets Monitor] BTS3900A APM30+RFC ALL Armetta
29 [BTS Cabinets Monitor] BTS3900A APM30+RFC+BBC ALL Armetta
30 [BTS Cabinets Monitor] BTS3900A APM30+RFC+BBC + APM100 ALL Armetta
31 [BTS Cabinets Monitor] BTS3900A APM30+RFC+BBC+TMC ALL Armetta
32 [BTS Cabinets Monitor] BTS3900A 2APM30+2RFC ALL Armetta
33 [BTS Cabinets Monitor] BTS3900A 2APM30+2RFC+2BBC ALL Armetta
34 [BTS Cabinets Monitor]  BTS3900A 2APM30+2RFC+2BBC+TMC ALL Armetta
35 [BBU]BBU3900 main scenarios ALL Armetta
36 [BBU]BBU3900 new board configuration rules ALL Armetta
37 [BBU]UMPT ALL Armetta
38 [BBU]UMPT family evolution ALL Armetta
39 [BBU]UCIU for BBU inter.connection ALL Armetta
40 [BBU]UBRIb ALL Armetta
41 [BBU]UBRIb scenario ALL Armetta
42 [BBU]LBBPd2 specs ALL Armetta
43 [BBU]LBBPd3 specs ALL Armetta
44 [BBU]WBBPf boards ALL Armetta
45 [BBU]Baseband Evolution to Multi-mode Convergence ALL Armetta
46 [BBU]Triple-mode BBU inter-connected ALL Armetta
47 [BBU]BBU900 Application CPRI Examples ALL Armetta
48 [BBU]GU+UL CPRI details ALL Armetta
49 [BBU]BBU interconnection signal cable ALL Armetta
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