Minutes Per Drop, MPD

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Minutes Per Drop, MPD:

Minutes Per Drop, MPD

Formula: {60}*Traffic Volume of TCHs/Call Drops on TCH

Huawei Formula

Minute per drop, MPD

={60}* Traffic Volume on TCH/ Call Drops on TCH

= {60}* K3014/ CM33


Traffic Volume on TCH


This counter indicates the traffic load on TCH. It is the average number of sampled TCHs,

which are measured within some periods (on a per second basis) after the TCHs are activated.

The period of the sampling timer for the measurement is five seconds.

Call Drops on TCH


In TCH assignment procedure or in the handover procedure after the MS accesses the

TCH assigned by the BSC, the procedure fails to be performed due to various reasons.

This measurement provides the number of Call Drops on Traffic Channel.

Alternatively, this measurement provides the number of call drops due to various

reasons after the MS is in the normal call state on the TCH.

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