CME Release Notes

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Application Description

1. Version Mapping Description:

This part describes hardware and networking type requirements and mapping between the CME version and the operating system, database, NE software version, and other software (including the U2000/U2020 and Microsoft Office).

2. Service Description:

Release notes describe changes between product versions and change impact on users. Users can refer to release notes to learn about the differences within an R version or between R versions.  

Changes are described as follows in release notes:

  • GUI Changes

GUI changes are described in GUI Changes.

  • Software Changes

    Feature changes: new, modified, and deleted features.  

   Solved problems: problems that have been solved. 

   Unsolved problems: problems that have not been solved.


Reference Documents

Product Name



 iManager U2000-CME


Contact local Huawei engineers.

 iManager U2000-CME


Contact local Huawei engineers.

 U2020-CME  V300R019C10 Contact local Huawei engineers.

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useful document, thanks
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where is GUI Changes?
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