PRS Basic Knowledge

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Application Description

(1) Service Description

PRS is a part of the SingleOSS@MBB solution. The PRS centrally manages the network devices in the GSM BSS, UMTS RAN, LTE RAN, WLAN, CDMA BSS, WiMAX RAN, TD-SCDMA RAN, SingleRAN, and core network (CN). The PRS also provides the following solutions: traditional KPI Insight–centered network performance analysis, end-to-end capacity resource visibility, PS MBB service traffic visibility, and user experience visibility. It gives operators insights into MBB network quality and helps operators maximize the value of their network assets.

To meet diversified requirements of telecom operators, the PRS provides rich hardware platform and networking solutions.

Platform Type Server Type Solution Application Scenario
ATAE ATAE board ATAE cluster solution The solution is based on the ATAE platform and uses the cluster system comprising boards. It can centrally manage a large-scale network.
PC Server HP DL980 Single-server system PC servers are no longer delivered.
HP DL580
HUAWEI RH5885H V3 Single-server system

It is used in a low-cost solution for managing WLAN devices.


HUAWEI RH5885H V3 is supported since PRS V100R015C10.

(2) Document Description

Document Name Description
PRS Product Description Describes the features, architecture, application scenarios, configuration and technical specifications of the PRS.
PRS Hardware Description Describes reference information for the planning and deployment of the ATAE, and helps users to know the configurations, functions and specifications of the components inside the ATAE cabinet.
PRS Networking Solution Description This document describes the position of the PRS on the OSS network, hardware configuration principles, hardware cabling principles, and IP address planning. This document helps you get a general understanding of the PRS system and facilitates PRS deployment and commissioning.

Related Documentation

Documentation Version Link
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