[Discuss] Parameters that may affect Paging Success:

M.J.Haider   高级会员    发表于 2014-8-14 15:12:04   最新回复:2018-05-31 13:27:59

There are many parameters that may affect the paging success rate in a network. Also each network or scenario have its own case. Here are some parameters:

1. Max CS Paging Message Number in a Period

  Max PS Paging Message Number in a Period:

These parameters can be set using the command “SET BSCFCPARA

In case of paging requests exceeds the max value set by this parameter, they will be discarded, and no response will be returned to the MSC.  

2. From MSC: number of paging times per LAC, the period between paging requests and whether it is IMSI
or TMSI.

KPI: the paging requests can be checked by the BSC6900->BSC Measurement->Call Measurement per BSC: “Numbre of Paging Requests on the Abis …”

I am looking for other parameters or configuration that may affect or improve the paging success rate, any KPI points, … etc.


user_2837311   钻石会员    发表于 2018-5-31 13:27:59

useful document, thanks
Have a nice day
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