Network Sharing Solution

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In recent times, business competition has intensified, pressure on the total cost of ownership (TCO) is growing, new site and spectrum resources are difficult to obtain, and service expansion requires coverage continuity. In this situation, network sharing is a necessity and is dedicated to reducing operating costs and accelerating commercial use of services.


Huawei wireless network sharing solutions include multi-operator radio access network (MORAN) and multi-operator core network (MOCN). With MORAN, each operator can separately configure cell parameters and perform feature configuration and optimization to achieve independent cell-specific service management. With the MOCN architecture, all operators configure parameters and perform feature configuration and optimization in a unified way to achieve complete sharing of RAN resources. These solutions apply to different scenarios based on customers requirements. Adopting these solutions reduces the TCO by at least 20% without additional network investment, accelerates commercial use of services, and increases competitiveness.

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