TCH full rate to Half rate

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limoghali   中级会员    发表于 2014-8-6 17:02:48   最新回复:2014-08-07 20:54:04

which are the parameters deciding handover from tch full rate to half rate?
 In Huawei system TCH Traffic Busy Threshold(%) is given as 90%. but I am observing TCH blocking in severels BTSs, I want to enable more TCH half rate(dynamically) to reduce the congestion. I cant go for TRX upgradation. So please let me know all related parameters in this regards. Thanks in advance

x00106333   金牌会员    发表于 2014-8-7 20:08:50

Hi, limoghali

In 24 hours, our parameter document experts will contact you.

小吉   中级会员    发表于 2014-8-7 20:54:04

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