【USN9810】Product Commissioning

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

After the hardware and software of the USN9810 are successfully installed and the system is put into use, service capabilities of the USN9810 must be tested to ensure that services are properly implemented according to the design requirements. The test on service capabilities includes the commissioning and verifications on hardware, interfaces, and services. This ensures stable, reliable, and safe operating of the USN9810.

In this scenario, the product commissioning document can help you. This document provides guidelines on commissioning the equipment, software, interfaces, and services of the USN9810 to ensure normal service implementation.

Before starting the commissioning, ensure that:

  • The hardware has been installed and checked, and the equipment has been powered on.
  • The software has been installed and checked.

2) Documentation Description

As a convergence NE, the USN9810 can be separately deployed as an SGSN or MME, or be deployed as both the SGSN and MME.

Accordingly, the following USN9810 product commissioning documents are provided:

  • Product commissioning (applicable to the SGSN)
  • Product commissioning (applicable to the MME)
  • Product commissioning (applicable to the SGSN/MME)

2. Highlights

For product adjustment in each scenario, the product commissioning document of the USN9810 provides the following parts according to the general commissioning procedure:

1. Preparing for Commissioning

2. Local Commissioning

3. Interworking Commissioning

4. Maintenance Network Interworking

5. Commissioning Basic Services

6. Commissioning the Accounting Function

For problems that frequently occur during commissioning, the product commissioning of the USN9810 provides the "Commissioning Troubleshooting" section. This section describes how to troubleshoot common problems during the commissioning.

The following figure shows the structure of the "Product Commissioning (Applicable to the SGSN)" section.

For each commissioning object, the product commissioning of the USN9810 provides the scenarios, impact on the system, prerequisites, flowchart, and procedure.

The interworking with the STP is used as an example. The following describes the basic commissioning methods and contents for each commissioning object.

1. Scenarios: provides readers the commissioning scenarios and entrance, and precautions during commissioning.


2. Workflow: provides a general flowchart, helping readers have a clear idea of the overall operations and logic.


3. Reference Documents







Product Commissioning


Product Commissioning


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