Automatic redirection of UGW9811

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The UGW9811 supports automatic redirection in the following scenarios:

·         Redirection when the balance is insufficient: When the OCS server detects that the balance of a subscriber account is equal to or less than the requested charge, it deducts all the available charge from the account. The OCS server then returns a CCA message to the UGW9811, informing the UGW9811 that the quota in the message is the last available quota, instructing the UGW9811 to redirect service requests when the last quota is exhausted, and specifying the destination server for redirection. When the account balance is insufficient, the subscriber is redirected to a specified recharge page. After the account is recharged, the subscriber requested page will be automatically displayed, which improves user experience.

·         Redirection for service subscription: If a subscriber attempts to access an unsubscribed service, the OCS server instructs the UGW9811 to redirect the subscriber to the subscription page.

The UGW9811 supports the redirection function for only the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) 1.X/2.0 browsing. If the OCS server instructs the UGW9811 to redirect a non-browsing service request, the UGW9811 directly discards the non-browsing service request.

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