Operational Excellence through MSUP

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The Huawei Managed Services team worked closely with VIVA to come up with a two prong approach – enhance the existing OSS platform and develop a customized Operation & Maintenance process. This, if successfully implemented would offer VIVA the following benefits:

a. Best customer care to improve end user satisfaction

b. Highest services quality to ensure excellent subscriber experience

By working in close partnership, VIVA and Huawei were able to leverage on their strengths. VIVA had a great network with wide coverage and reliability. Huawei had developed a Managed Services Unified Platform (MSUP) which encompasses three areas - people, process and tools. Huaweis tool was based on its next generation OSS platform to deliver operational excellence, improve network quality, lower total cost of ownership and increase customer satisfaction. The process it uses is based on eTOM, ITIL and TL 9000 which Huawei has developed under the MSUP umbrella and will be customized for VIVAs unique needs; the first of its kind in the world.

The foundation of Huaweis solution was predicated on 3 factors:

1. People – to implement the project, the Huawei team had seasoned experts in Managed Services process and OSS with dedicated support from headquarters.

2. Process – MSUP was certified as TM Forum Conformance and currently recognized by major operators as the best-in-class for Managed Services

3. Tools – Huaweis OSS platform is the indispensable tool for the delivery of Managed Services with end-to-end capabilities


In order to develop customized level 4 process for the MS operations and enhance the OSS platform, Huawei had to implement seven major O&M processes based on MSUP and the corresponding SOPs.

Process Implementation

The major milestone tasks included

  • Detailed gap analysis
  • Design customized Level-4 processes based on the identified gap
  • Utilizing Huaweis tools the process flow and process documents were developed
  • Agreeing each customized process with the MS team
  • Identify required SOPs related with the customized process and provide guidelines to develop the SOPs by the MS team.
  • Process KPIs related with each process. These KPIs are to be measured and monitored at regular intervals to see the improvements achieved in the MS Operations after the process implementation.
  • Preparing a detailed OSS functional requirements list from process implementation needs perspective. This list is an important base for customized OSS implementation.

OSS Implementation

The OSS platform was enhanced by implementing the selected Huawei OSS tools with functional customization of the products in order to meet the requirements of the process team. With the support from Huaweis OSS R&D, the functional requirements were addressed during the implementation phase and level 4 processes were customized in the following OSS functions:

  • Network surveillance
  • Fault management
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Help Desk
  • Problem Management

Network Improvements

Continuous measurements of process KPIs show that some remarkable improvements have been achieved in operational efficiency and effectiveness:

  • FLE First Time resolution rate improved by 40%
  • Back Office Escalation rate reduced by 80%.
  • Average Fault MTTR reduced by more than 50%.
  • MTTR for Network Performance Degradation problems reduced by more than 90%
  • MTTR for customer complaints resolution reduced by at least 60% with >60% complaints resolved on the same day.
  • 100% Change Requests logged and approved through on-line CR Management system; unwanted network accidents during change implementation has reduced to zero level.

The improvements made confirm the significant achievements that are possible when standardized processes and the OSS are in alignment. To ensure that these major gains are maintained after completion of the project, Huawei set up a Continual Improvement Program. The global expert team at headquarters will work closely with the local MS team by continually monitoring, analyzing and identify any improvement areas.

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