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The ATS9900 functions as the Telephony Application Server in our IMS solution, providing basic voice services, supplementary services, and multimedia services for both personal and enterprise users. Taking advantage of the access independence of the IMS platform, the ATS9900 can cover multiple user access modes, including DSL, PON, MSAN, cables, 2G, 3G, and LTE. The ATS9900 helps telecom operators provide end-to-end personal VoBB service, enterprise Centrex service, and fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) services.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The ATS9900 can be used in various IMS application scenarios such as PSTN network renovation, VoBB deployment, convergent Centrex service, and FMC services. The ATS9900 has a leading edge in the industry in terms of service offerings, standardization, openness, and hardware platform.

Ability to inherit traditional services

One of the biggest concerns that telecom operators have in using IMS to build a new VoBB network or renovate an old PSTN network is whether to inherit traditional PSTN services.

Our ATS9900 provides more than 150 supplementary services, including traditional telephone services such as caller display, call forwarding, call forwarding by pressing the hookflash, call restriction, and billing.

To meet the differentiated needs of customers in various countries, the ATS9900 can provide multi-level service customization engines. The service customization capabilities of the ATS9000 can accelerate the development and commercial application for customers from service logic configuration and program development to opening up the APIs.

Standards compliance and openness

As a telecom architecture and network element defined by standards, the ATS9900s standards compliance has been proven through tests administered by various tier-1 telecom operators and standard organizations. Its performance is the best.

Standardization: The ATS9900 conforms to related standards such as 3GPP, TISPAN, and ETSI, and now can also support the service process required in the latest 3GPP R8. In the tests administered by France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, and ETSI, the ranking of the ATS9900s compliance was high.

Openness: The ATS9900 can open APIs to third parties, and can provide services such as "click to dial" and user status notification. With these functions, it can enrich telecom operators innovative applications as well as shorten the time-to-market of new services.

Leading ATCA hardware platform

Our IMS solution uses the same ATCA hardware platform:

Highly integrated: In an IMS system, the ATS9900 uses just two-frame ATCA boards to serve up to 10 million personal users.

Energy efficient: The ATS9900 uses a low-power design, and the ATCA board can automatically implement underclocking.

Highly reliable: The ATS9900 supports a two-level disaster recovery mechanism: board-level disaster recovery and site-level disaster recovery.

Applications & Benefits

                                                                                                                                                                   By the end of 2010, the ATS9900 had been successfully deployed at more than 130 sites worldwide. While quickly inheriting traditional services, it has also enabled a wide range of innovative services for telecom operators, such as the Convergent Inter-personal Service and Reachability AS in cooperation with SFR of France as well as the innovative "Travel Freely" service in cooperation with China Mobile.

In the process of shifting towards IP-based networks and broadband access, the ATS9900 is the key component for telecom operators to provide broadband voice services, convergent fixed-mobile services, and ICT services.
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