ECO6910 Release Notes

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description  

The release notes describe changes in product versions and the impact of the changes on users. The release notes help users better understand differences between different R versions or patches of the same R version.

The release notes describe the following types of changes:

A: Hardware changes

Changes in hardware, such as boards, subracks, or cabinets

B: Software changes

  • Feature changes: new features, modified features, and deleted features.
  • Resolved issues: issues have been resolved.
  • Known issues: issues to be resolved in a later version.
  • Operation and maintenance changes: changes in configuration management, performance management, fault management, and license management.

C. Documentation changes

Changes in product documents and feature documents for the current version

2) Documentation Description

The ECO6910 release notes contain the following information:

  • Version requirements: requirements for product versions, software versions, and related product versions, providing guidance on network planning
  • Version compatibility: compatibility between the current version and earlier versions, providing guidance on network planning
  • Impact on capacity and performance: estimated impact of the target version on the network, providing guidance on upgrade planning
  • Changes in versions: changes in features and resolved issues, providing guidance on network access tests
  • Known issues: known issues and preventive measures
  • Changes in operation and maintenance: changes in man-machine language (MML) commands, counters, and license, facilitating operation and maintenance on an interface

2. Highlights




3. Reference Documents  


Solution Version






Contact the Huawei technical support.




Contact the Huawei technical support.




 V100R005C10  Contact the Huawei technical supporrt.



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