GBSS Feature Parameter Description-Providing Complete Feature Information

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1. Application Description
1) Service Description
The GSM network has experienced 20 years of rapid development since it was formally deployed in Europe in 1990s: from the basic 2G voice services, the gradual improvement of voice service quality, to the emergence and development of data services and related value-added services.
Along with the complex network evolution, operators pay more attentions to resource usage efficiency for transmission networks, network O&M experience, energy conservation and emission reduction, and network security. To meet operators requirements for a sustainable network, the GSM network evolves continuously to provide more and more functions and features.
The increasingly powerful, more complete functions, and complexity of GSM network pose the following challenges:
As a network planning engineer, you may have the following questions:

  • What are features of the GSM network?
  • Which features must be introduced at the initial stage of network deployment?
  • Which features must be introduced during the network O&M?

As a network O&M engineer, you may have the following questions:

  • How to enable a feature?
  • How to adjust the feature deployment if the implemented feature does not reach the expected effect?
  • How to clear failures encountered during the feature implementation?

Answers to all the preceding questions can be found in the GSM feature documentations.

2) Documentation Description

Feature Parameter Description (FPD): includes technical description, related features, network impact, and engineering guidelines.


2. Highlights
GBSS Feature Quality Documentation:

3. Related Documentations

Solution Version


SRAN13.1/GBSS20.1 (For Customer) GBSS20.1 Feature Documentation


(For Customer) GBSS19.1 Feature Documentation

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