Routine Maintenance Guide: Health Check

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

People do health checks periodically to check whether they are in good physical condition. If any problem is found, corresponding medical means are adopted to get health back. Good health is one of the basic elements of a good life.

NE, like a human body, also requires effective health check and corresponding maintenance to ensure its stable and reliable operation in different operating environments. The purpose of routine maintenance is to discover hidden problems and resolve the problems in time.

2) Documentation Description

(1) Huawei supports the following Routine Maintenance Guide:

  • ECO6910 Routine Maintenance Guide: for eCoodinator.
(2) In Routine Maintenance Guide, maintenance projects are classified based on the routine maintenance periods. This enables you to quickly and systematically catch the main Network maintenance operations and eliminate all hidden problems.  
  • Daily routine maintenance
  • Weekly routine maintenance
  • Monthly routine maintenance


3. Reference Documents 

Solution Version Product

eRAN 7.0



ECO6910 Routine Maintenance Guide

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