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1. Application Description

1) Service Description   

    Do you want to know which KPIs can be used to monitor the network in routine maintenance? If you do, refer to the KPI reference . 


2) Documentation Description

    For GSM networks, refer to GBSS KPI Reference.

    For UMTS networks, refer to RAN KPI Reference.

    For GU networks, refer to GBSS&RAN KPI Reference.

    For LTE networks, refer to eRAN KPI Reference.

2. Highlights

    The KPI reference is structured clearly and briefly and has the following highlights:  

    1. Clear navigation and classification

        All KPIs are classified based on scenarios. Therefore, the searching is convenient.

    2. Convenient data acquisition

        The calculation formula for each KPI is provided, and all counters in the formula are from the Performance Counter Reference.  

    You can query subscribed counters to calculate the KPIs conveniently.

    3. Quick counter searching

        Links are provided for you to learn more about counters used to calculate the KPIs. You can click the counters to view detailed information, such as counter ID, name, meaning, and measurement points without the need of searching counters in the Performance

    Counter Reference.


 3. Reference Documents 

 Network Mode Product Solution Version Product Version Link
GSM BSC6900 GBSS18.1 V900R018C10 GBSS KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based) 
GBSS17.1 V900R017C10 GBSS KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based)
GBSS16.0 V900R016C00 GBSS KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based)
GBSS15.0 V900R015C00 GBSS KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based)
BSC6910 GBSS18.1 V100R018C10 GBSS KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based)
GBSS17.1 V100R017C10 GBSS KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based)
GBSS16.0 V100R016C00 GBSS KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based)
GBSS15.0 V100R015C00 GBSS KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based)
UMTS BSC6900 RAN18.1 V900R018C10 RAN KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based)
RAN17.1 V900R017C10 RAN KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based)
RAN16.0 V900R016C00 RAN KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based)
RAN15.0 V900R015C00 RAN KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based)
BSC6910 RAN18.1 V100R018C10 RAN KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based) 
RAN17.1 V100R017C10 RAN KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based)
RAN16.0 V100R016C00 RAN KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based)
RAN15.0 V100R015C00 RAN KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based)
GU BSC6900 SRAN11.1 V900R018C10 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based) 
SRAN10.1 V900R017C10 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based) 
SRAN9.0 V900R016C00 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based)
SRAN8.0 V900R015C00 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference(BSC6900-Based)
BSC6910 SRAN11.1 V100R018C10 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based) 
SRAN10.1 V100R017C10 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based) 
SRAN9.0 V100R016C00 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based)
SRAN8.0 V100R015C00 GBSS&RAN KPI Reference(BSC6910-Based)
eRAN 3900 series base stations SRAN11.1 V100R011C10 eRAN KPI Reference
SRAN10.1 V100R010C10 eRAN KPI Reference
SRAN9.0 V100R009C00 eRAN KPI Reference
SRAN8.0 V100R008C00 eRAN KPI Reference

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whats the defference between KPI and counters?
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nice post.
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where it published?
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Where is eRAN?

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thats a good Q

Where is eRAN?

Helene 发表于 2014-05-16 10:17

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ok.. let me check thanks
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Thank you for your feedback.
The different beteween KPI and counter is as follow:
If you want to search KPI, see KPI Reference.
If you want to search counter, see Performance Counter Reference.
KPI is the abbreviation for the key performance indicator. It is used to monitor network as a important data. One KPI is a counter or is calculated by counters.
Counter defines the measurement items of a measurement object and can be used for network performance assessment, network optimization, and fault detection. Counters are  classified into three categories: Radio Network Related Measurement, Transport Network Related Measurement, Hardware Platform Related Measurement.
There are many thousands of counters in Performance Counter Reference, but there are only dozens of KPIs in KPI Reference.
whats the defference between KPI and counters?
Queen Posted on 2014-05-23 16:04
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very effective reference document indeed.
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