Wireless Controller Products & Documentation

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1. Wireless Controller Products Introduction 

With the development of wireless mobile networks from GSM, UMTS to GU multimode networks in recent years, the wireless controller also evolves from single mode to multimode.


Single-mode controller includes the following product models:

?BSC32 and BSC6000 (applies only to the GSM mode)
?BSC6800 and BSC6810 (applies only to the UMTS mode)

The preceding products have been in the end of service (EOS) or end of marketing (EOM).

To query the product document packages of these models, visit http://support.huawei.com and choose Documentation>Wireless>GSM-BSS or Documentation>Wireless>WCDMA-RAN.  


Huawei multimode controller is the mainstream product of Huawei controllers and is an important part of the Huawei SingleRAN solution. With the industry-leading multiple radio access technologies (RATs), IP transmission mode, and modularized design concepts, Huawei multimode controller incorporates the functions of a UMTS RNC and a GSM BSC, accommodating the need for multi-RAT convergence in the mobile network.


Huawei multimode controller has a unified hardware platform and can be flexibly configured as GSM, UMTS, and GU network modes to suit different network scenarios.


Huawei multimode controller includes the following models:



Both the BSC6900 and BSC6910 support GSM, UMTS, and GU modes, but they are different  in the following aspects: 

  • Hardware platforms: The BSC6900 uses the PARC hardware platform while the BSC6910 uses the PARCb hardware platform. Compared with the PARC, the PARCb hardware platform has a higher hardware integration level. The boards are highly integrated, greatly minimizing the capital expenditure (Capex) and operating expense (Opex).



  • Capacity: Compared with BSC6900, the BSC6910 has larger capacity. 
  • Supported version: BSC6900 is introduced in SRAN3.0 while BSC6910 is introduced in SRAN8.0. 


Although BSC6910 and BSC6900 cabinets have the same appearance, BSC6900 cannot be upgraded to BSC6910 through hardware reconstruction and software upgrade.


2. Wireless Controller Documents Introduction  

Since both BSC6900 and BSC6910 have three models, how can I choose a proper product documentation package? 

The following table tells you the answer:




For details, Please refer to the following documentation.  

 Network Mode Product   Solution Version Product Version  Link
 GSM BSC6910  GBSS17.1 V100R017C10  BSC6910 GSM Product Documentation
 GBSS16.0 V100R016C00  BSC6910 GSM Product Documentation
 GBSS15.0 V100R015C00  BSC6910 GSM Product Documentation
BSC6900  GBSS17.1 V900R017C10  BSC6900 GSM Product Documentation
 GBSS16.0 V900R016C00   BSC6900 GSM Product Documentation
 GBSS15.0 V900R015C00  BSC6900 GSM Product Documentation
GU BSC6910  SRAN10.1  V100R017C10  BSC6910 GU Product Documentation
 SRAN9.0  V100R016C00  BSC6910 GU Product Documentation
 SRAN8.0  V100R015C00  BSC6910 GU Product Documentation
BSC6900  SRAN10.1 V900R017C10   BSC6900 GU Product Documentation
 SRAN9.0 V900R016C00  BSC6900 GU Product Documentation
 SRAN8.0 V900R015C00  BSC6900 GU Product Documentation
UMTS BSC6910  RAN17.1  V100R017C10  BSC6910 UMTS Product Documentation
 RAN16.0 V100R016C00  BSC6910 UMTS Product Documentation
 RAN15.0 V100R015C00  BSC6910 UMTS Product Documentation
BSC6900  RAN17.1 V900R017C10   BSC6900 UMTS Product Documentation
 RAN16.0 V900R016C00  BSC6900 UMTS Product Documentation
 RAN15.0 V900R015C00  BSC6900 UMTS Product Documentation



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