ECO6910 Configuration Principle – Guiding Your Hardware Configuration

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Application Description

1) Service Description

How do I plan hardware configuration of an ECO6910? How many cabinets, subracks, boards, and auxiliary materials does the ECO6910 require?

What are collaborative features supported by the ECO6910? How do I configure boards for different features?

During network capacity expansion or software upgrading, how do I calculate the quantity of hardware additionally required?

During routine maintenance, heat dissipation or power supply of the equipment must be considered. How do I calculate the power consumption of the ECO6910?

ECO6910 Configuration Principle provides answers to all your questions.

2) Documentation Description

ECO6910 Configuration Principle covers the following: estimated product capacity, functional modules, capacity expansion method, and other physical product specifications.

2. Highlights

Where can I find answers to the preceding questions in ECO6910 Configuration Principle?

1. Hardware configuration principles and descriptions about the cabinet, subrack, board, auxiliary materials, and hardware licenses for network planning are described in section "Product Configuration." 

2. Collaborative features supported by the ECO6910 and the dimension process are described in section "Dimensioning Process", helping you configure boards for different features.

3. Hardware capacity expansion and upgrade configuration principles are described in section "Expansion and Upgrade Configurations", helping you conveniently expand the capacity.

4. Power consumption calculation formulas are included in section "Power Consumption", helping you calculate system power consumption and heat dissipation of the equipment room during routine maintenance.


 3. Reference Documents  




Product Version





ECO6910 Configuration Principle (Global)




ECO6910 Configuration Principle (Global)




ECO6910 Configuration Principle (Global)

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