eCoodinator Data Planning

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1. Application Description  

1) Service Description

eCoodinator data planning is a key process in radio network deployment. The customer can refer to the data planning result to make eCoodinator data configuration scripts during eCoodinator initial configuration.

Network planning must be completed before b eCoodinator data planning. Network planning includes:

  • Radio network planning, such as cell geographical location and cell transmit power
  • Transmission networking planning, including IP addresses and routes, and signaling point codes
  • Hardware planning, including planning of cabinets, subracks, slots, and ports
  • Feature planning, including features to be activated and algorithms to be used

Network planning is closely related to the network, and is generally completed by professional service staff. The eCoodinator data planning starts only after the network planning is complete.

There are many different data planning methods. The method introduced here is implemented based on MO and Parameter reference. 

2) Documentation Description

In SRAN10.1/eRAN8.1, MO and Parameter Reference document is provided. The change optimizes the document structure in the MO dimension. This helps customers better understand the relationship between the MO and parameter.

2. Highlights

1)  The parameter reference provides parameters that are in the charge of different service departments.

2) Parameter reference provides suggested initial values of parameters.

The following figure shows sources of initial values of parameters.


You can refer to different setting methods to determine the initial value of a parameter according to different initial value setting source.

3) The parameter reference provides detailed technical descriptions of parameters.

When a parameter is configured, you can refer to the MO reference to learn about the MO to which the parameter belongs and relationships of this parameter to other parameters. You can also use feature name and feature ID to identify parameters related to this feature and use the feature name or ID to find related FPD to learn about implementation details of the feature.


3. Reference Documents


Solution Version

Product Version



eRAN 11.1

SRAN 11.1


ECO6910 MO and Parameter Reference


eRAN 8.1

SRAN 10.1


ECO6910 MO and Parameter Reference


eRAN 7.0

SRAN 9.0


ECO6910 Parameter Reference 

For more information, please refer to ECO6910 Link.

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