IBS study serial: 1 Huawei SingleDAS solution overview

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How long do you stay indoor every day? Normally it will be more than 16 hours. So the service which using indoor is very high.

According to the Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo statistic, about 70% of 2G voice service occur in indoor,3G data service is more than 90%.

Therefore, good indoor coverage can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, enhance the market competitiveness of the operators.

Huawei provided the SingleDAS solution

Huawei DBS3900 IBS Highlights

1. Excellent Performance

Advance digital platform
Low power consumption
Low noise figure
High reliability

2. Flexible Deployment

Different site sharing
Embedded POI
Easy installation & maintenance

3. Smooth Expansion & Evolution

Smooth expansion new band
Software for cell splitting
2T2R for MIMO
Smooth re-farming

4. Unified Management

Unified RAN and DAS O&M
Remote interference precise location
Network 3D visible

These features can help customers improve network performance, reduce engineering deployment, evolution / expansion, and operation and

maintenance costs.

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