Can't download files with HedEx Lite and a proxy

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I've got a problem with the Cloud Download feature of HedEx Lite (version V200R006C00SPC007). When I am connected through a proxy server (IP address and port of the proxy server were specified at the login dialog), I am unable to successfully complete downloads.


In the Cloud Download dialog, if I start a new task (using a URL from the site) the download will start and reach nearly 100%, but it will get stuck close to the end and never complete.


I can see that when the download starts HedEx Lite creates multiple connections through the proxy for the download (i.e. it's downloading the file in multiple slices in parallel); it does all of this successfully through the proxy. However, the download never completes. The same issue does not occur when a proxy is not configured (for example in a different site with open internet access).


Any chance this could be supported?

Alex.Ming   白金会员    发表于 2019-9-23 15:46:19

If you use proxy to login,please add  and to your IE setting and firewall white list,then restart hedex lite and  creat a new download task to check it.



user_2906081   小试牛刀    发表于 2019-9-23 20:19:25


I'm afraid in the office I'm in, I'm not in the position where I can create an exception. All traffic has to go through the proxy (i.e. a direct connection is not available).

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