Network Impact Report

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Application Description

1) Service Description

The application scenarios of the network impact report are as follows:

l  Before executing a network upgrade, you need to assess impacts brought by the upgrade and estimate required resources, making good preparations for the upgrade and preventing possible misunderstandings and misoperations.

l  In the network maintenance phase, you need to determine whether a new feature is required and need to know the impacts of new or enhanced features.

2) Documentation Description

l  The network impact report describes impacts of new and enhanced features in a new version on the live network from the following perspectives: system capacity, hardware interfaces, existing features, and operation and maintenance.

l  The network impact report introduces only feature changes. For detailed information about version changes, see release notes.

l  The network impact report is released with each new version of the product. The following figure shows its position in the feature documentation.




The network impact report includes the overall impact of the version and the impact of each feature. It helps you obtain a comprehensive understanding of version changes.



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