mAOS Operation and Maintenance

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1. Application Description

(1) Service Description

With the development and promotion of SingleRAN and heterogeneous network (HetNet), hybrid networking scenarios where access technologies involving multiple radio access technologies (RATs) and different types of NEs are becoming increasingly popular. In such a complex wireless environment, learning MBB network quality, enabling coordination and optimization between different RATs, implementing quick service design and deployment, assisting in agile service operation and maintenance (O&M) and innovation, and maximizing network assets have become telecom operators' crucial concerns. Consequently, a platform for centralized management is required to address such concerns.

mAOS is short for mobile Agile Operation for Service. It centrally manages network elements (NEs) on GSM BSS, UMTS RAN, LTE RAN, CDMA BSS, TD-SCDMA RAN, and SingleRAN networks and provides end to end (E2E) network and service O&M capabilities, including service deployment, evaluation visibility, and closed-loop optimization. The mAOS improves O&M efficiency and lowers O&M costs.

(2) Document Description

Three nodes are mounted under Operation and Maintenance: Operation User Guide, System Maintenance and mAOS Security Administrator Guide.

l  Operation User Guide: describes common operations on the mAOS. It provides application guidance of product functions and features in both horizontal (Function Introduction) and vertical (Feature Operation User Guide) dimensions based on different application scenarios.



Function Introduction

Nodes under Function Introduction correspond to the software GUIs one by one and describe functions provided by each single GUI. In addition, the service process based on application scenarios are provided for association with other related GUIs.

Feature Operation User Guide

An end-to-end feature enabling and deployment guidance is provided in the feature dimension.

l  System Maintenance: describes common operations during mAOS routine maintenance. The maintenance tool user guide and system administrator guide are provided.


 2. Characteristic Description


3. Related Documentation




Operation and Maintenance

 V300R019C10 Operation and Maintenance 



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