mAOS Release Notes

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1. Application Description
1) Service Description
·      The mAOS Release Notes describes other related software versions, changes between mAOSversions, and change impacts. It also allows you to learn inter- and intra-R version differences.
2) Documentation Description
The mAOS rights changes, port changes, and GUI changes are released as independent documents.
Document Name Content
Release Notes Describes version mapping with other software, feature changes, resolved issues, and known issues.
Alarm and Event Changes Describes alarm and event changes.
License Changes Describes license changes.
User Rights Changes Describes user rights changes.
Port Changes Describes port changes.
Process and Service Changes Describes process and service changes.
GUI Changes Describes GUI changes.

3. Reference Documents
Product Version Link
V300R018C10 Contain Huawei engineers.
mAOS V300R019C10 Contain Huawei engineers.
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