Overview of wireless OSS products

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1.Position of wireless OSS products on the network

Application scenarios 

3. Overview

iManager U2000 MBB:
The iManager U2000 centrally manages Huawei mobile network elements (NEs), including WRAN NEs, GBSS NEs, SingleRAN NEs, GSM/UMTS core network (CN) NEs, LTE/EPC NEs, WLAN NEs, SingleDAS NEs, eRelay NEs, NGN NEs, STP NEs, IoM NEs, and IMS NEs. It also manages the wireless bearer network devices and auxiliary networking devices used in the mobile network. The U2000 provides basic functions, such as configuration management, performance management, fault management, security management, log management, topology management, software management, and system management. It also provides various optional functions.
By default, SingleRAN NEs are managed by one U2000 system.
The U2000 provides centralized operation and maintenance (OM) functions for the Huawei mobile element management solution. The U2000 adopts a modular design that allows modules to communicate with one another through the CORBA bus. In addition, the U2000 provides mediations for connecting various types of NEs.
The U2000 also provides external interfaces for interoperability with non-Huawei systems.

The Configuration Management Express (CME) is a data configuration management system for G/U/L NEs on Huawei radio access networks (RANs).
It uses GUIs and provides integrated solutions for NEs in typical O&M scenarios, such as deployment, adjustment, optimization, and reparenting.

The U2000 virtual emergency system (ES for short) serves as a reliable backup system for the U2000, reducing software and hardware costs and service interruption time to the minimum. Compared with the ES, the U2000 is the primary system.

The Trace Server is an optional component of the U2000. The Trace Server collects and filters NE data and provides the data for the U2000, upper-layer application systems, and NMS.

The Trace Server Professional (TSP) is an enhanced component of the U2000 Trace Server. The TSP accesses and processes NE data of multiple types, such as RNC CHRs, RNC MRs, eNodeB SIG data, UGW user plane logs, USN signaling plane logs, and UPCC USDR data. The TSP provides basic processing functions, such as NE data collection, convergence, uniform modeling, storage, and locating. It also provides extended service functions to support data processing service customization for upper-layer services. TSP-processed data sources can be shared by upper-layer application systems, such as the PRS, SONMaster, vUIC and Discovery. The data sources can be used in various service scenarios, including experience-based MBB network deployment and inventory operation. The introduction of TSP facilitates data sharing and reduces repeated investment in data processing of upper-layer service systems and hardware. 

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PRS/SONmaster不支持其他厂商的管理,第一个图中,Other vendor's network与PRS和SONMaster之间的虚线是什么意思呢?
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