ECO6910 OMU Administration Guide

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1. Application Description

1) Service Description

After the operation and maintenance (O&M) system and product software are installed on the ASU board (for a built-in ECO6910 whose Host Network Element (HNE) is BSC6900) or OMU board, O&M engineers can perform O&M management (such as alarm management, configuration management, and authentication management) on the base station controller using OMU service processes.

The eCoordinator consists of two types: standalone ECO6910 and built-in ECO6910. The standalone ECO6910 and BSC6910 have similar OMU functions and O&M principles. The built-in ECO6910 is a built-in NE of the BSC6900 or BSC6910. Its OMU functions and O&M methods are different from those of the standalone ECO6910. The following table describes the differences.


Standalone ECO6910

Built-in ECO6910

Operating system (OS)

Dopra Linux

Euler Linux

Euler Linux


Local commissioning

USB commissioning

Remote commissioning

Tool support

Same as BSC6910

U disk tool not supported

Product software installation

Independent installation supported

Installation with the HNE

Command execution

Independent execution supported

Execution on the HNE

OMU Administration Guide is intended for customer engineers and helps them:

l  Understand OMU basic knowledge and working principles.

l  Learn how to install OMU OS and application software, and how to operate and maintain the OMU OS.

l  Resolve typical OMU faults.

OMU Administration Guide is a part of the product documentation package and can be found in the HedEx package with other product documents.

2) Documentation Description

Different base station controllers (BSC6900 and BSC6910, standalone ECO6910 and built-in ECO6910) support different OMU OSs, and the O&M for the OSs also differ. Based on these facts, Huawei provides the following documents:

l  Stand-alone ECO6910 OMU Administration Guide

l  Built-in ECO6910 OMU Administration Guide

 2. Highlights 

3. Reference Documents 

Product  Product Version  Solution Version Link 
  ECO6910  V100R005C10  eRAN11.1 Stand-alone ECO6910 OMU Administration Guide
 SRAN11.1 Built-in ECO6910 OMU Administration Guide
 V100R004C10  eRAN8.1 Stand-alone ECO6910 OMU Administration Guide
 SRAN10.1 Built-in ECO6910 OMU Administration Guide
 V100R003C00  eRAN7.0 ECO6910 OMU Administration Guide

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