Pico Base Station Deployment Guide

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1. Application Description1) Service Description
How can I enable cellular and Wi-Fi services for a Pico during initial deployment?
Before preparing a Pico data configuration script, obtain the following details of network plan:
  • Device configuration planning, including the time and clock planning   
  • Transmission networking planning, such as Layer 2 or Layer 3 networking and IP address planning   
  • Radio network planning, such as the cell ID and neighboring cell planning  
  • Wi-Fi configuration planning, such as the AP MAC address and WLAN profile planning
Engineers at the OMC use the CME and U2000 to prepare configuration data and upload the software package and license in accordance with the network plan. Onsite engineers prepare the service dialing test tools.
After the Pico is installed and powered on, complete Pico commissioning on the U2000 and verify services on the Pico to ensure that the Pico can properly provide LTE and Wi-Fi services.
2) Documentation Description
Currently, Pico products include only the BTS3911B.
  • Topics in the black box explain deployment preparations and verifications for cellular services. BTS3911Bs support configuration-free deployment and site deployment.   
  • Topics in the red box explain deployment preparations and verifications for Wi-Fi services.

2. Highlights
You can see in the preceding figure that BTS3911B Deployment Guide is organized to follow the deployment process: Deployment preparations > Hardware installation and power-on > Service verification
Configuration-free deployment reduces Pico configuration and planning costs and makes deployment easier.
3. Reference Documents

Product  Version  Link
 BTS3911B  V100R012C10  BTS3911B Deployment Guide 
   V100R013C10    BTS3911B Deployment Guide
   V100R015C10    BTS3911B Deployment Guide
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