How to check active PDP from SGSN end

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please proceed as follows

The result is as follows:
Source PDP IP Address =
APN network ID = internet
For active PDP , there should be some output from DSP GTPUPDP command

Information required for second Level troubleshooting

Trace is must from relevant interface
?For user case IMSI based tracing is proffered because in case of HLR problem there will be no message from MSISDN
?Try to collect all output referred in this slide based on problem

user_3364909  Jackeroo 
2 years 26 days ago
I'm operating on USN 9810. When we run the command DSP GTPUPDP we are not getting any output, even when the user is having active PDP.
Can you pls check. Sample attached below.

+++ USN/*MEID:8 MENAME:MHNAGUSN02*/ 2019-07-02 13:00+05:30
O&M #85
%%DSP GTPUPDP: IMSI="404400981138377";%%
RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded

No matching result is found
--- END