How do you route MPLS?

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After setting up MPLS, you have this fully meshed network between all remote sites. Thats great, but how do you route between
all of these sites?


You do so with a routing protocol. You can use either static routes (not a preferable choice when you have more than a few
sites) or a dynamic routing protocol such as EIGRP, OSPF, or BGP. With a dynamic routing protocol in place, every site can learn about the LANs at every other site, and you have a fully meshed and converged network.

Of course, theres usually a catch. In this case, its that your MPLS provider involvement in the process is essential. As I
mentioned, this is an all-IP network, which means that—unlike when using frame relay—some other Layer 2 protocol isnt encapsulating your IP packets.


With frame relay, the providers frame-relay switches swap the frame packets based on data link connection identifier (DLCI)
numbers. The switches dont look at the IP information, nor do they need to.


But this isnt the case with MPLS. The switches look at the IP source and destination of the packets because their IP routers
are critical IP routers on your network. That means they must participate in whatever routing protocol you choose. Because, if theyre routing packets for you, they must have your routes.

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