AC Lightning Protection Box (MBA Mini BTS)

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There are two types of AC Lightning Protection Box:

I. Facility type

SPD40C single-phase Lightning Protection Box (220V/40kA)

SPD100C single-phase Lightning Protection Box (220V/100kA)

II. Facility function

These two kinds of the Lightning Protection Boxes are the protection devices for the outdoor single-phase 220V power supply. They provide lightning protection and power distribution functions. They also provide grounding terminals for grounding. In addition, the 40kA and the 100kA AC Lightning Protection Box can support remote fault alarm function which indicates the presence of alarms through local alarm indicators. 

III. Facility features

The features of AC Lightning Protection Box are as follows:

 Light, easy to install and transport.

 Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is installed to the input terminal for circuit breaking and over-voltage protection.

The 40kA and the 100kA AC Lightning Protection Box provides alarm function to accurately report alarms when the lightning protection module gets lightning strike. 

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