Site Maintenance Guide – Easy Component Replacement

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1.Application Description
1)Service Description 
    In this scenario, a site maintenance guide can help you. The site maintenance guide provides guidance on replacing faulty hardware, such as the board, cable, or subrack, to ensure normal service implementation.
2)Documentation Description
    The site maintenance guide describes how to replace and maintain faulty hardware in the base station controller cabinet after hardware installation and service implementation.
     Huawei provides the following site maintenance guides: 
    ? ECO6910 Site Maintenance Guide 




 3.Reference Documents

Solution Version Product Version Link
ECO6910 V100R005C10 ECO6910 Site Maintenance Guide 
ECO6910 V100R004C10 ECO6910 Site Maintenance Guide 
ECO6910 V100R003C00 ECO6910 Site Maintenance Guide 

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